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Reinforcing Factors Influencing Behavior

Factors Influencing Health

Factors Responsible for Affecting Human Health

Health refers to a condition of complete physical, social, and mental wellbeing and not just denoting the absence of infirmity. A complete state of health entails all aspects of health, that is, physical health, spiritual health, intellectual health, social health, emotional health, and mental health. All these areas of health are interdependent. Biological and genetic factors, chronic and acute physical illnesses, and environmental conditions and stressors are among the factors that potentially affect the total health status.

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Predisposing Factors

Predisposing factors refer to a persons ethics, values, and attitudes toward a particular behavior. An individual has an initial reason to behave as they please. Experts have shown that the health of a person is a conglomerate of what that person does on a day to day basis. The health of people is always influenced by what they mostly love to do. The values the person has set to follow will always guide how they behave in line with those particular values. Some people are fond of following what they have been taught right from when they were toddlers, to when they were in their teenage years, to adulthood. The manner in which the person has been behaving in line with their adoption of certain habits will always shape how they behave at the present.

What the society upholds as morally upright behavior means that the people in such a society will live to act and behave in line with those particular values. The reason some people behave differently from others is judged by the kind of society they are in. One community may praise certain behaviors and abhor others, whereas another may differ sharply with the societys accepted behaviors. This is usually a benchmark that rules how people react and behave towards others. It is a commonplace observation that families and their environments tend to change over time. It is very unlikely that two members of the same family will perceive the form and the family structure in a similar way.

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Enabling Factors

Enabling factors refer to abilities or environmental factors that make it possible or very unlikely that such an individual will accomplish a particular task. They essentially deal with the way some external pressure influence a person to act in a certain way. A person who has suffered the consequences of acting or behaving in a certain way and learnt the lesson might not make another attempt of trying to do the same behavior. Sometimes the communities we live in may impose certain regulations to its community members to safeguard the way those people behave. This happens especially in an environmental setup whereby acting in a certain manner might attract a penalty because the community is not ready to suffer the shame and humiliation of one of them breaking such rules.

Enabling factors sometimes make a distinction between the behaviors of two different persons. Some people might be endowed with certain abilities while others may lack those attributes. Taking an example of humor, you find that not everyone has the attribute of causing humor every time they speak. Some have the capability to be nice to others, especially when they talk and behave. Others might be forced to learn to behave in a certain manner. But learning to behave differently from what a person has always known right from their birth can be a bit challenging, and sometimes impossible. Some abilities and habits are inborn and cannot be avoided. Others are not inborn and can be hard to emulate them.

Enabling factors assist a person to cope with environmental factors around them. They essentially assist a person to cope and learn to live within the demands and expectations of the society. Such factors shape a persons mindset and allow a person to behave at their best in all circumstances, and sometimes unconsciously. They allow a person to be in their real personality, without trying to please others around them. The threshold of the matter is that we cannot all behave the same; we have to behave differently from one another. These enabling factors are a true reflection of what diversity means to people.

Reinforcing Factors

Once an individual performs a behavior, family, friends, society, and other significant individuals will either reward the individual or punish them. Everyone always has some kind of pressure from outside agents and some agents could be around them. Family members would always have a code of conduct that rules out how these family members should behave. No family member should go outside of the expectations of these behaviors. Fear always plays a role when it comes to behavior. It is a commonplace observation that people tend to fear the reproach of others anytime they act. A person would consider the consequences of the people around them (and especially close people) anytime they act. Behaving contrary to what is expected attracts some form of punishment, and if such a behavior is excellent, it would automatically attract a reward or being praised for a show of good conduct.

In terms of reinforcing factors influencing behavior, the authority in the society, especially the government, plays an instrumental role in shaping the behavior of the subjects. Every subject has the choice of behaving within certain limits, and anytime they abuse their freedom by acting contrary to the authoritys expectations, they suffer the wrath of the authority. This is meant to ensure that there is a coordinated and synchronized way of behaving amongst people. It is here that most people share certain elements in their behavior, having been safeguarded by the umbrella of their authority. Using the example of spiritual authority, everyone who prescribes to a certain spiritual body is only counted as one of them if they behave in a certain way.

Spiritual leaders, for instance, are always the masters, who are mandated to watch over the behaviors of their subjects. Though they are not there to mete out punishment and reward good behavior, they essentially ensure that their members understand the reason why they are obligated to observe certain behaviors and shun others. Christianity, for instance, is strictly under the guidance of the Bible, as the Word of God. Therefore, Christians are encouraged to use the Bible as their mirror, so that every time they can relate what they do with what has been written down in the Bible.

Criteria for selecting a health care practitioner

The choice of selecting a suitable healthcare practitioner can be a big challenge in case one is not armed with the requisite knowledge of who a good practitioner is. Primarily, it all entails basing on the treatment history of such a practitioner. As a client, you have to consider how this practitioner has been performing in the past. Checking and knowing the practitioners experience will automatically tell you that the practitioner has amassed good knowledge and hands-on skills that are advantageous to the clients. A client can crosscheck the practitioners experience and work performance by requesting the profile of this practitioner from the workstations where the practitioner was previously based.

The client should also consider the charges of the potential practitioner. Some health practitioners charge a lot of money, yet their services and the work they do are substandard and do not measure to the clients expectations. The practitioner should be understanding enough to consent to the needs of these practitioners, and where possible, to lower their service charges so that they can maintain their relationship with their past clients. The client has to consider if their practitioner can be available anytime there is a need to be attended by such a practitioner. This implies that the physical and geographical location between the client and the practitioner should not be a long one.

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