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Ski Dubai

Dubai has always been considered as one of the most developed cities in the world. Many of the wonders of the new world are located in this city. As an average temperature here is 30° C throughout the year, and it is located in the middle of desert, it is hard to imagine any snow in such place. Nevertheless, this corner of the world is full of surprises; one of them is situated in the heart of the city – a Mall a winter-wonderland at the Sheikh Zayed Road. The resort allows skiing a whole year long, without wondering if there is enough snow and if the temperature is right. This option is a luxury, which even one of the most north countries cannot guarantee to their citizens and tourists.

Ski Dubai is a full of snow and ski lovers place, located at the Mall of Emirates; it is a real wonder. Several decades ago, no one could even imagine that a snow could take its way into a desert between the most innovative constructions. An indoor ski slope can be visited by anyone willing to practice his/ her skiing qualities. The purpose of this mega structure is to surprise the audience with something innovative and shocking once more. In addition, it is the first in the Middle East and the world indoor slope. The architects of this place have thought over and took care about the attraction and full comfort of the visitors. Today, visiting Dubai for skiing in the desert has become a common pattern. This attraction is named one of the 10 most needed things to do when visiting Dubai. The resort complex proposes an interesting and brand-new way of fun for the visitors as well as for residents.

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Ski Dubai is an economic and technological success for Dubai, which is developing tourist industry as one of the most popular and high-demand attractions. The benefits of the project are overwhelming. Children can take their first lessons of skiing, without travelling to another country; in addition, ski lovers do not have to wait until it is wintertime and they can travel to the mountains, they can experience winter joy each day, at almost any time. Entertaining the public was always one of the most beneficial ways to earn money; Ski Dubai has mastered this strategy perfectly. As one of the major attractions, this place attracts numerous visitors from all over the world. As it is located in a Mall of Emirates, it increases the sales and profits of this place. The Ski Dubai provides their visitors with free helmets, jackets, and pants of extremely good quality. Nevertheless, visitors have to by socks, gloves, and hats at the sport stores located nearby, due to hygiene protection issues. One will find all of the benefits within the single indoor winter world. The resort offers several cafés and bars, and a Winter Park for children and adults. This technological and business solution became a fashion model for other countries as one of the most desired things to be located in a contemporary city. There are just a few indoor slopes in the world, which are located in Europe; therefore, this complex would be a good mean for any state to show development and going with the time. This place became famous because of its unique location, which was used as a perfect advertisement step to lure the curious ones.

On the other hand, in addition to all benefits, there are some drawbacks, as such kind of entertainment has its costs. To enter the ski slope for 2 hours, one will have to pay AED 180 per adult and 150 per child; the entrance to the Snow Park is charged separately; it costs AED 130 per adult and 120 per child. This way, it is more convenient and financially sound to buy a day pass to enjoy the rides and having rest as long as one needs. A day pass will cost AED 300 per adult and AED 275 per child. Consequently, the day facility will cost approximately USD 81. The price is not the cheapest one, but additionally one is getting many bonuses, for example, the slope personal will provide you with everything necessary to ski, starting from the clothes, and ending on the equipment. It should also be mentioned that the slope is not the safeties place for both adults and children. The administration does not provide any non-insurance warranty; therefore, the person is responsible for his own injuries or harming someone else. In addition, harming the property will cause penalties.

Overall, the 22,500 square meters facility is a must-visit place, covered with real snow all year around and maintaining the temperature of -1 - -9° C; it is a true wonderland. The slopes are 85 meters high and 80 meters wide; they provide a lot of place fo visitors to practice themselves in skiing on five various runs with different difficulty levels and length. The longest one is 400 meters. Ski Dubai has a maximal capacity of 1500 guest. Completing this mega structure took 5 whole years and 400 million dollars. The process was started in 2001 and finished by the year 2006. Ski Dubai had its premier on the 21st of January 2006. It has been working successfully for almost 7 years now.

This facility is a great thing for both adults and children. It provides a great service and opportunity of entertaining and comfortable sport activity for everyone willing to try it. Children can take part in common lessons of skiing and visit the Snow Park whenever they wish. The place, which never has seen snow before, can now enjoy it whole year round. Sure, it can affect the young generation in a good and bad way; nevertheless, mainly this is a step forward to the future. A good thing is that this is a new invention, and it provides numerous facilities to entertain children and let them practice their skills. The other side of the medal is that the wonder of the winter, for which one often is waiting all year long, is now served practically on the plate. Therefore, it may spoil a child’s behavior. It is commonly known that not everything should be provided to the children at a time. They have to learn that they have to deserve some things as some items are hard to reach and one has to strain to get them. The miracle city of Dubai is giving to their citizens almost everything that can be seen in different corners around the world. Innovations are following one by one. This tendency can lead to the situation when the new generation has nothing to strive for. In the youngest years, they will have no desire to explore the world because the world is given to them in a small concept, in their home town.

Ski Dubai is a fantastic invention that is providing an exquisite facility in the Middle East to all citizens and tourist. It is an example of the new era and good commercial choice. It is a clear example of that everything is possible in today’s world, even a snowfall in the middle of the desert.

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