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Social Change

The society is never fully satisfied. Activities that are done by the political system are geared towards satisfying a certain group with disregard to another. As a result, social struggles are evident as the oppressed groups try to fight for their rights and will be characterized by demonstrations and civil wars. In return, the people that hold political offices will chip in with an aim of winning political support from the oppressed group. They will act rapidly to the extent of changing some of the ways of doing things. At the end of the day, the political environment will be restructured to fit the oppressed group. Therefore, social changes are responsible for shaping the political changes.

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Federal Government

When America split from Britain, the founders focused on minimizing any similarities between the countries. They, therefore, embarked on a mission to have America put in place structures and facilities that fully differentiated it. They thought that the way to do this was by ratifying the article of confederation. However, the founders ended up feeling that their dream of having a functional government was being limited ad they would never achieve it. With a young nation, both the state and federal governments did not have the mandate to tax its citizen. It would, therefore, be a difficult task for them to finance development projects as well as sustain the nation. Additionally, there was no concept of an executive branch of government.

When the people realized the flaws in the government, the social uprising began. People from all over the nation led by social activists began to demonstrate. They demanded a more accountable nation. They wanted a nation that had laws for itself and which could sustain growth without necessarily depending on other nations for grants. As the many rebellions went on in many parts of the United States, the government did not have powers to suppress the rebellions. The people, and who were the owners of the country, communicated to the founders through the civil unrest. The founders felt that it was the time that they needed a stronger and a centralized government that could address the needs of the people. As a result, the drafting of the constitution of America began. From this example, it is clear that social changes as characterized by civil unrest to demonstrate dissatisfaction ended up shaping the political system of the United States.

The State

In the recent developments in California, various management approaches play a role in the way people act towards their social amenities. Social differences have increased as a result of various approaches that different people hold on how water resources should be managed. As a result, the sense of oneness among the people of California has become a hard to achieve. Different political personnel and groups represent the various social group that feel that water resources should be managed in a certain way. As a state that is 150 years, one would have expected a state that is predictable in policy making. However, as the situation is now, policymaking is unpredictable because voters devote limited attention to complicated issues and depend on information that comes from biased sources. As a result, the management approaches of water resources are highly politicized, and they depend on the political regime that is in power.

The geographical differences in California place different regions in a better position to manage water resources than others. Nevertheless, the state should have an all-inclusive policy concerning the issue. Initially, Los Angeles and San Francisco were the political and economic powerhouses. They consumed more water and ended up dictating the water management policies that were adopted. Things have taken another shift, and the Central Valley has now ranked the fastest growing region while other suburbs of Orange County and Inland Empire have shown considerable growth. As a result, their water requirement surpasses that of previous giants (Los Angeles and San Francisco). As a result, people living in this area feel that they have more power when it comes to management of water than any other residents. Social groups in these regions are now advocating for more inclusion in the management. The result is the election of politicians who promise to advocate for their rights. Therefore, California is characterized elected officials who never get to political consensus. Each one of them is trying to represent the needs of the social group that elected them. The country water management policies have been made political and keep shifting with the population and economic changes.

County Level

The third decade of the twentieth century in Kern County was characterized by increased urbanization and construction of industries. The county also adopted large-scale agricultural production. The increase in extraction industries impacted on almost every sector of the economy. The country produces about 66% of the total oil in California and is ranked the fifth in agricultural production in the United States. As a result, many whites came to the county and settled near the oil fields. The oil extraction companies only employees the whites to work in the oil fields. A segregated community came up where classical liberalism was the main issue. The white communities that grew up near the oil fields have a history of hostility towards the non-whites.

Due to the White people's self-interest and urge to propel the discrimination against the non-whites, they have heightened their interests. During the 2008 election, the Bakersfield city wanted to change district lines to move Bakersfield High School to another closer white school. The attempt is a representation of the social interests of the white people. Due to their large numbers, the changes they want can easily be effected through the political systems. If the mission could have succeeded, them many non-white students in the school could have lost membership in the school. Some of the reason it idea did not succeed were that the Hispanic population has also grown to be a large one and due to the pressure they are exposed to, they have formed their territories with their rules. Until today, in a civilized state, the Hispanic is poorly represented in the city council. The whites make all efforts to undermine them through misrepresentation. The representation and attempt to change district line is a clear indication that social changes have an effect on political happenings.

Job Description of a Public Administrator

In future, people who will be hired in the dockets of public administrators will need to be sober enough, non-biased and educated to deliver their expected mandates. They will need to be holders of a degree in public policy and administration. Their job will entail;

  • Implementing policies through all-inclusive approaches that will allow all citizens to feel that their views are represented, and they are respected.
  • Oversee the working of policies through continuous monitoring of policy implementation and making changes depending on stakeholders' inputs.
  • Coordinating activities of government on people's interests and the well-being of the country
  • Directing the use of policies to achieve various goals in the society
  • Running the activities of the government among the citizens by regularly consulting them
  • Coordinate involvement of various stakeholder groups in the administration and running of government affairs
  • Communicate to the people the moves that the government has taken and the plans it intends to implement
  • Destabilize any political influences to development by taking a bipartisan approach
  • Implement views by different groups in the running of government affairs
  • Indulging in community service to make the life of citizens better

In a nutshell, as evident in this paper, the various types of social changes that have happened have in a great way shaped political fields. It is, therefore, correct to conclude that social changes influence political changes.

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