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The Olympic Bid

Any city willing to host a big international competition like Olympic Games has to be at least a bit prepared to perform this task. Building everything from the scratch might ruin the city budget; consequently, the whole idea of benefitting from holding such an event can become redundant. The city has to prove its readiness to hold the Olympics in seven or more years from the moment of application, since preparation is an extremely time and money consuming process. Las Vegas is the city that is able to hold competition and prove its bid deserves to win, as the city is ready and attractive enough for holding the Summer Olympics.

The main issue most host city candidates stumble on is the problem of logistics, meaning location for temporary residence of the athletes and visitors, as well as the question of availability of sports arenas, corresponding to the demanding standards of the International Olympic Committee. Currently, the number of hotels in Las Vegas exceeds two hundred, and new ones are constructed constantly. Most hotels can offer much more than simple apartments, as they have restaurants, casinos, and a lot of other places of entertainment for their visitors to spend time while there are no events going on. Las Vegas offers a number of modern sport stadiums and arenas that can hold thousands of people. However, the unique location of the city, meaning it is surrounded by thousands acres of free land, allows construction of an entire Olympic village right outside the city limits of Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas has an extremely comfortable infrastructure, which allows easy transportation around the city. It has a network of freeways that allows moving between the most distant points of the city in a matter of minutes, not hours. In addition, the rail system covers the city, making traveling for the people who want to rent a car or do not have their own at hand very comfortable. Getting a cab is not a problem, as well. Las Vegas owes to the millions of tourists visiting it annually, as they are a driving factor for the city administration to develop the city’s infrastructure, making it tourist-friendly. Constant tourist flow, increasing every year, makes the city refresh its infrastructure, renew old buildings, and construct new ones. The same goes for the roads, waste disposal systems etc. Las Vegas city administration is able to improve the city infrastructure to the level required to win the Olympic bid.

Despite the fact Vegas is a comparatively young city, and its age is only a bit over a century, it has many monumental marks and museums to visit. There is a zoo (the biggest in Nevada) and Smith Center for Performing Arts, which is a place where Broadway shows, opera, orchestra, and dance performances take place. However, this is not the biggest cultural attraction one could find in Las Vegas. Lots of people come here to gamble, but they do enjoy all the leisure provided by the hotel-casinos. This way, some casinos offer entertainment shows that can compete with the ones on Broadway, NY. Bellagio Hotel-casino, for example, offers its visitors a complimentary everyday performance, a combination of water, music, and light, turning the fountain into a unique mesmerizing show that cannot be found anywhere else around the world.

The Olympic Games always leave only the positive impact on the host cities where they take place. In the particular case of Las Vegas, the city is going to benefit from winning the bid and holding the Olympics, as it would have the amended, improved infrastructure done by the time games are conducted. The city would benefit from the new potential returning tourists, who would come to see the Olympics; they would be driven by the attractions Vegas offers (for example, casinos) when coming back again. Besides that, Las Vegas would change its image from the gambling city to a city offering an opportunity for important sport events. This might result in appearance of some nationwide league teams from NFL, NBA, or NHL, which would be a positive side for the city’s citizens.

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