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The Best Way of Writing a Thesis Dissertation Chapter

The process of writing a PhD dissertation begins with choosing a topic. You may pick and examine any subject you like. You should bear in mind that research question differs from a thesis statement. It often happens that the funds which are defined to support the student obtaining a PhD degree clearly determine the research questions that should be discussed. It should be admitted that it is necessary to choose a committee in advance.

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Start Writing a Thesis

Writing an academic paper of such type is very complicated. Today there are two major ways that can be used for producing the first draft. When dealing with the sciences, one can select between two formats of organizing a thesis. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to your paper requirements. The first way of preparing a dissertation implies writing a literature review which in its turn is followed by paper chapters. These units will describe the research approach taken to exploring the subject and the obtained results. A concluding section usually summarizes a thesis paper of such a format. This chapter concisely presents the main points of the conducted investigation.

Another option of arranging a thesis is applying a manuscript format. In this case, the whole paper is organized as a body including parts for a literature review, methodology, approaches, material, analysis, and conclusion. If to compare two formats, the first one must be the most suitable for writing a thesis. When using it, you will spend less time for writing and editing your paper. Therefore, it will be easier for you to prepare it for being published.

Be Organized

It is very important to devise a system that will help you arrange your work on a thesis appropriately. Thus, you will be able to write drafts, make proper references, and edit your work correctly. It can be rather stressful if you lose some important files containing information on your research. Therefore, you should organize your computer desktop appropriately as well. You can create separate folders for each research question. This is especially helpful if you use the first method for writing your thesis. You should apply such an approach from the very beginning of the research process. Even if you later decide to change something, you will just need to click the required folder and find the necessary documents.

Software for Managing References

During the years of study, you have definitely collected a large amount of material in electronic format. Therefore, it is quite helpful to use some software to arrange all the items in a certain order. Besides, running software for quoting in-text citations and formatting references according to the chosen style is useful as well.

First Draft

The best option is to start writing your thesis beforehand. For this reason, it is better to use the first method of the two described above. This approach is very beneficial as you will be able to publish your dissertation in different academic journals even before the whole paper is completed. Besides, it may give you some extra bonuses when defending your work. The committees are known to be favorable to those students whose papers are already published in academic sources.

Remember that it is of immense importance to structure your dissertation logically. In this case, the first method of preparing a dissertation may be more efficient than the second one, especially when it goes about natural sciences.


Writing a conclusion must be the most difficult part of the whole process. It is advisable to:

  • Underline the key points of your paper,
  • Demonstrate how your research has influenced the chosen academic area,
  • Discuss the results which you have obtained after conducting research.