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Writing a Top-Quality Thesis Proposal


  1. To give clear instructions on producing a thesis proposal referring to grant applications of MA and PhD proposals.
  2. To define an appropriate format so that the committee can evaluate the submitted work in the right way.
  3. To help students get valuable experience in writing thesis proposals. In addition, this work is aimed at teaching students to assess the quality of academic papers. In this way, students will understand how to conduct research on the given subject. It should be noted that it is necessary to take a lot of factors into account when doing research. They are thorough knowledge of the analyzed issue, available scientific concepts, research techniques, critical thinking, etc.
  4. To improve writing skills that will help students clearly express their thoughts in compliance with the requirements.

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Format peculiarities

Basic Information

A thesis proposal should be considered a complete work which has a scientific background and can be used for study purposes. This type of paper should be typed and double-spaced. It should be about 10 pages in length. The most important thing is not to exceed the 20-page limit. Additionally, it is essential to keep to high academic standards when writing a thesis proposal. Make sure that each sentence of your work is grammatically correct. Huge attention is also paid to spelling and punctuation. Note that it is required to apply APA style to such kind of paper. At the end of your piece of writing, you should add the list of used sources. Forms regarding ethical approval will be signed after the paper is approved by the members of the committee. If you use the data given below, you will be able to fully inform the committee about all major details of your research.

Summarizing Part

The summary of your thesis proposal should consist of 1 page. It should succinctly summarize the main ideas of your work. Moreover, it should describe the methods used for doing research, and explain how your work can contribute to the respective area.


Clearly state what your proposal is aimed at. Thus, the board will be able to evaluate your academic piece of writing properly.

Theoretical Part

Determine the theories which your paper is based on. Explain why it is necessary to use particular sources when writing such type of work. State in what way your thesis proposal can help develop a respective academic field of study.


Tell readers what technique you have applied to writing your thesis proposal. Explain how you collected data, made measurements and calculations, etc. In this section, you need to state why the used research methods are the most appropriate for examining the issue.


Explain how the chosen analysis method helps you explore the subject.

Time Frame

Set a schedule for gathering, analyzing, and presenting data.

Assessing Criteria

  1. Have you clearly presented the purpose of your work?
  2. Have you analyzed the data in detail? Have you used the sources relevant to your topic?
  3. Is your statement coherent?
  4. Have you accurately described research methods used for examining facts? Is it possible to answer the posed research questions by using the presented theories? Do you provide useful samples?
  5. How can one determine the originality of your proposal? How does your research contribute to the particular academic field?
  6. Does your work addresses any ethical issues?
  7. Does your paper meet academic standards? Is it free from grammatical and spelling errors? Is it written in formal English? Is your thesis proposal structured logically and written properly?
  8. What about the costs relating to the conducted research? Are there enough financial resources which can be used by the student who needs to complete the work?

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