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Different Types of Questions-Answers Tasks

Accurate questions

These questions require direct and precise answers which have to be based on strong arguments. Usually, it is hard to guess the answer. You either know it or you do not.

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Convergent questions

When answering these questions, a certain degree of accuracy is accepted. You should apply cognitive thinking to respond to such type of questions. It means that you should analyze and examine the discussed issue, use different research technique to find the right answer. It is very effective to deal with such questions if you want to develop your cognitive thinking. Moreover, professors often ask students to reason their answers. Thus, students have to present incontrovertible facts to support their point of view. It also helps broaden students’ knowledge of particular area.

Divergent questions

Such type of questions can have several alternative answers. What does it mean? Students can examine different aspects of the problem and offer a few possible answers to the given question. Surely, the answers have to be correct. You may use different methods to identify the most appropriate variant. Therefore, you should use your intuition and awareness to choose the best answer among the possible ones. It often happens that students have to apply their knowledge and analytical skills to predict a number of possible solutions to the tackled problem. When one deals with such questions, it cannot be said that some answers are correct and others are wrong. A proper response often depends on subjective opinion. The aim of posing such questions is to develop students’ creative, logical, and critical thinking.

Assessing questions

In order to give proper answers to this kind of questions, you need to know how to gather hard facts to prove that your viewpoint is right. When you are supposed to answer these questions, you should use different methods such as comparative analysis, for example. Sometimes, you may need to consider the issue from different angles and only then give the answer to the provided question.

Combination questions

This type of questions combines all the above-mentioned questions.

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