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Tips and Tricks for Writing a Captivating “Why I Choose Medical Assistant” Essay

No better job impacts an individual’s life than that of a healthcare worker. No matter the job visibility, all medical workers can be the saving grace for more than one person. If you are driven by your passion for helping people but have no time or money to complete an advanced medical degree, then the medical assistant option will be perfect for you. Of course, there are many pros and cons to consider, that’s why we’ve prepared this handy article to make sure your “why I choose medical” essay is impeccably thought through.

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Let’s Answer the Frequent Question of “Is Medical Assistant a Nurse?”

One of the crucial points you need to remember before starting the “why I choose medical assistant” essay is what distinguishes a medical assistant from a nurse. So, while both medical assistants and nurses play a support role to the doctors, those are different professions with two distinct missions at their core. A medical assistant’s main focus is on scheduling and performing clerical and billing tasks, though they can also assist with medical exams and procedures as well as collect lab specimens. They can work in doctor’s offices and other medical facilities such as hospitals and outpatient clinics. Their positions’ key tasks include reaching out to patients to schedule appointments, updating medical records, and arranging referrals. That’s a mainly desk job.

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Medical Assistant vs Nurse. Explore the Differences!

As we mentioned, the main difference between a nurse and a medical assistant is that one is more focused on patient care, while the other takes care of more administrative stuff. Still, you need to go into more detail for your “why I choose medical assistant” essay to make it well-argued. Here’s a comparative table that’ll make it easier for you!

Duties and responsibilities

Medical Assistant

Mainly administrative duties with some patient care tasks when only instructed by the physician.


Mainly focused on patient care, with some administrative duties.

Scope of work

Medical Assistant

Works directly under the supervision of a licensed doctor and sometimes a nurse.


Works under their own individual license or as a part of a larger medical team.


Medical Assistant

Requires a two-year degree program in medical assistance with online programs available.


Two-year associate degree for licensed practical nurses (LPN) and a four-year one for a registered nurse (RN) with no online programs available.

Training requirements

Medical Assistant

Is not required to be licensed or certified, although having a certification is beneficial for job search. The certification program can take up to 1-2 years.


Both LPN and RN must have a license. The requirements vary from state to state but usually entail completing a training program or passing a licensure exam.

Job outlook

Medical Assistant

Have a traditional workday.


Work long hours, rotating shifts, and nontraditional hours.

Medical Assistant Types. Choose Yours Wisely!

There are many types of medical assistant jobs you can choose from. Although all of them ensure that the doctor’s office is running smoothly, there are variations in the duties. If you don’t know the difference between what is a clinical medical assistant or what is medical administrative assistant, don’t start writing your “why I choose medical assistant” essay just yet! Check out our brief guide to know the basics of each position.

  • Clinical Medical Assistant. Focuses mainly on patient care, performing clinical assessments, and other clinical tasks. You’ll prepare patients for medical exams, perform minor treatments, and assist doctors during examinations.
  • Administrative Medical Assistant. Mostly performs clerical tasks, such as making appointments, answering phones, and managing patient records. You’ll make sure the business side of the practice operates without any complications.
  • Surgical Medical Assistant. Provide pre-and post-operative care, check patient’s vital signs, apply dressings, and sterilize the operation table. During surgery, they must keep the tools sterile and take care of the general conditions of the operating room.
  • Cardiology Medical Assistant. A more specialized position if you’re interested in a specific organ. This job’s responsibilities include cardiac imaging, stress tests, and bloodwork. You’ll need to be familiar with different kinds of specialized medical equipment as well.

Where Medical Assistant Can Work. See What Works for You

You’ll have your pick of possible job placements as soon as you get your degree, so it’s important to choose the right career path for medical assistant that’s most to your liking. It’ll be good to think it through, as it can be an integral part of your essay on why I want to be a medical assistant. Let’s see what the most popular options are!

  • Small private practice. Will provide you a feeling of having a family at work. Having a small team often lets you grow closer to your team and gets you an opportunity to be cross-trained.
  • Specialty office. If you’re interested in a specific field of medicine such as cardiology, ophthalmology, and gynecology, then this option is perfect for you. You’ll have a more focused role that will serve the needs of the specific practice.
  • Urgent care facility. This option will give you the chance to have a wide range of experiences with different patients and cases.
  • Hospitals. If you thrive in a fast-changing and unpredictable environment, this is the choice for you. However, hospitals work 24/7, so your hours can be unpredictable.

Is Becoming a Medical Assistant Worth It? A Question Worth Pondering On

Choosing a profession in the medical field is an honorable endeavor. It’s the ultimate option for those people who want to help others. Still, you might ask yourself the question “is it worth being a medical assistant?”, as there are a million factors to consider when deciding on your job choice. Here are some of the many benefits of being a medical assistant you can consider before starting your “why I chose to be a medical assistant” essay.

  1. An in-demand job. The demand for medical assistants is increasing at a fast rate. You’ll have good job security with plenty of career choices and comparatively higher pay.
  2. A short training period. There are many programs available, ranging from 6 to 24 months, but the common option is the 2-year program, which is relatively short compared to other health job requirements.
  3. Variety of settings. Medical assistants are needed in many work environments, so you can pick the best fit for you and work in a setting that fulfills you the most.
  4. Flexible work schedule. There are many time slots to fill, and they are not limited to workdays or weekends. You can choose to work the morning or the night shift as well to keep your work-life balance.
  5. Full-time and part-time options. Because of the high demand for the position, you’ll have the choice to work either full- or part-time. See what suits your lifestyle the most!
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Medical Assistant Major. Where and How to Complete It.

Getting a medical assistant degree is a quicker and financially easier way to enter the workforce, compared to other healthcare-related degrees. Such programs tend to focus on specific skills and knowledge you will need to succeed in your job, rather than burden you with a wide scope of topics that aren’t related to the field. The other perk is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on your education. If you’re asking yourself “how long to become a medical assistant?”, the answer depends on the type of degree you choose. Your response to the “why I want to be a medical assistant” essay will depend on the chosen degree, so let’s explore the options.

  • Undergraduate certificate in medical assisting is the starting option. You can earn your medical assisting certificate in approximately one year, unlike doctors and nurses who spend 4+ years in school. While most states don’t require medical assistants to be licensed, it will certainly give you an edge in the hiring process.
  • Associate degree in medical assisting is the second option that is perfect if you want to cover more than basic training. It still focuses on practical professional skills, but it also provides a broader knowledge of other topics due to the degree’s requirements. If you choose to be enrolled full-time, you should complete the program in two years. It’s a more advanced degree that will certainly give you a leg up on other candidates on the job market than a certificate alone.
  • Bachelor’s degree in medical assisting is the most advanced option as well as the rarest one. It’s usually chosen by students that already hold an associate degree and want to delve deeper into the profession’s specifics. That is why the timeframe is shortened from the usual four years, depending on how many credits you already have.

3 Easy Steps to Write a Captivating Medical Assistant Personal Statement

So, you’ve weighed your pros and cons and finally settled on the medical assistant major. Congratulations! Now it’s time to think about your personal statement and all the ideas you need to jot down for the “why I want to become a medical assistant” essay. First of all, check all the requirements on your school’s medical assistant application page, especially the wordcount. Then give yourself some time to think about what 2-3 of your best qualities are the most relevant to the job, so you can emphasize them. Coming up with an engaging personal story beforehand would be a good idea as well. Then follow these 3 steps to become a medical assistant essay expert!

  1. Explain specifically why you want to be a medical assistant from the first line to the last. Write honestly and respond directly to the prompt if you have one. Build your case by talking about your academic achievements, practical experience, and possibly learning a new skill or uncovering a new side of yourself in the process.
  2. Show a pattern of behavior and involvement that support your goal of becoming a medical assistant. Usually, your past behaviors predict your future ones. Paint a picture of how your past experiences will fit in with your new role and show how much effort you have put into achieving your objective.
  3. Strike a perfect balance between personal motivations and professional goals. Describe the depth of your commitment to the job on multiple levels by talking about personal contact with the profession as well as the professional preparation for it.

Professional Personal Statement Writers at Your Service

Got to this point and still have no clear idea of what to put into your “why I chose to be a medical assistant” essay? Our expert writers will gladly come to your rescue! They’ve handled countless personal statement assignments and know all the ins and outs of them by heart. Whether you don’t know how to structure your ideas properly or have no idea how to make your motivational story engaging for your reader, our writers will surely shape it into an excellent paper you will be proud of. They will also make sure that your “why I choose medical assistant” essay follows your chosen school’s guidelines to the dot and answers the prompt clearly and directly while zeroing in on your excellence and commitment to the profession. Just mention the personal details you think are relevant for the assignment and wait to receive a superb personal statement when the deadline is up!

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If you’ve decided to entrust writing of your “why I want to be a medical assistant” essay to experienced professionals, you are on the right site! We will be thrilled to accompany you on your momentous journey to get a medical assistant degree. Even if it’s the first time you buy personal statement online, our quick and easy order process will take no time at all!

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Make the Right Choice for Your Academic Goal!

Your “why I choose medical assistant” essay is critical to your acceptance to your first-choice school. It is only fair that it should be written with full and undivided attention. understands that not everyone has the time or skill to write an excellent personal statement. In our hectic and chaotic times, even the best of us need some help. If you are overwhelmed by this tremendous task, we’re here to relieve you of that stressful burden. Our writers will be delighted to lend you their skills! You can count on us to provide you with a well-written essay that will make you stand out from all the other applicants while you manage all the other tasks you have in your busy schedule!

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