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Comprehensive Guide for a Riveting Why I Want To Be a Counselor Essay

We can all agree that along with that one special teacher that cares, a school counselor can have the most significant and life-changing impact on our lives. Whether that is your story, or you’ve already researched the field for another fulfilling counseling role and have a fresh and captivating reason to put into your “why I want to be a counselor” essay, it’s a great choice for the major you want to pursue for the next 4+ years. Our writers have gathered all the important points you’ll want to check before starting your application process, so you’ll welcome to check them to see whether you are fully prepared for this momentous decision.

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Types of Counseling Degrees and Areas to Choose From

Besides considering all the different types of counseling degrees out there, you’ll also need to decide what area of counseling you want to focus on. Making that choice before starting to work on your “why I want to be a counselor” essay will help you to identify your main motivation and build up a clear and concise argument for your being the perfect candidate for the program you’ll be applying to. Here are a couple of popular types of counselor careers you might consider:

  • Marriage and family counseling. Offers a wide variety of work settings where you’ll be working with couples and families on communication and family-related issues.
  • Mental health counseling. You’ll work with individuals, groups, and families on a range of emotional and mental disorders mainly in community-based centers, hospitals, as well as private practice.
  • Addiction counseling. Offers help to people with alcohol, drugs, gambling, and other types of addictive disorders. This type of specialist mainly works in private practice or in community agencies that offer substance abuse counseling.
  • Rehabilitation counseling. Specialized in offering help to people with short-term and chronic medical conditions that affect their quality of life. As well as working in the classical types of work setting, there’s the added option of a substance treatment facility.
  • School counseling. The first option that springs to mind when you hear the word “counselor”. They help students to develop and achieve academic success from kindergarten all through high school. The work setting includes private and public school sectors.

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Counselor Vs Psychiatrist: a Comparative Look

If you are reading this guide, it means that you are obviously interested in a career in the mental health field. There are many options to consider, as there are many available, but it’s helpful to know the specifics of each job before starting to write a “why I want to be a counselor” essay. Here’s a quick psychiatrist vs counselor comparison, so you get the pros and cons of both options.


Job description


Mental health professionals who provide support and guidance to their clients. Focuses on improving wellness and life skills.


A doctor who specializes in mental illness. Focuses on treating the medical roots of mental, emotional, and behavioral issues.



The most common requirement is a master’s degree, although some specializations accept a bachelor’s or even an associate degree.


Needs to have a bachelor’s degree, finish medical school, then an internship and residency programs.

Certification and licensing


The most common license is Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), although there are other credentials counselors can opt for.


Requires a state medical license as well as a certification from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN).



Can see anyone, regardless of if they have a mental health diagnosis or not.


Work with clients who seek medical treatment for their mental health issues.

Work setting


Work at community centers, schools, mental health centers, and private practice.


Work at hospitals, private practice, and health centers.

Referral program


Typical Responsibilities Of a Counselor

As there are no specific counselor roles and responsibilities listed in the general job description, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with some of them to have a better picture of the day-to-day life on the job. Be sure to know at least some specifics, so you have a full picture when drafting your “why I want to be a counselor” essay. You’ll need to show what you are signing up for to make a case for being a good fit for your future job.

Here are some duties that a counselor might perform:
  • Provides information on mental health conditions and treatment plans.
  • Conducts interviews with clients to see if they are suited for a specific treatment plan.
  • Provides counseling on a wide range of issues.
  • Conducts group therapy sessions.
  • Helps their clients to identify destructive patterns of thoughts and behaviors that contribute to their issues.
  • Assesses clients’ conditions to see if they are eligible for social service programs.
  • Refers clients to psychiatrists and other services.

How Long Does It Take to Become A Counselor. Researching Your Options

One of the important aspects you should consider when choosing your major and program is how long does it take to be a counselor. Different degrees and specializations require a uniquely tailored “why I want to be a counselor” essay, so you need to do your research and decide what is the best fit for you. You should also check your state rules for getting the license as well as the waiting time to sit the exam for it if you want to plan that far ahead. For now, let’s check what degrees are most common and how long it’ll take you to finish one. Associate’s degree. Can prepare you for a substance abuse counselor role as well as support roles in counseling (human resources technician, for example). It’ll take you 2 years of full-time study to complete.

  1. Bachelor’s degree. Opens the door to some entry-level counseling positions that require a license as well as support roles in counseling. Consider it to be a stepping stone to a professional counseling career which will take you 4 years to finish.
  2. Master’s degree. Generally, it’s the final degree that lays the ground for your license and counseling career. Depending on the program, you should complete it in around 2 years. You can start your specialization with it.
  3. Ph.D. Typically, it’s not required for practicing but is a must if you want to pursue academia, research, or administrative positions. It should take 4 years to finish.

Counseling Major Application Reasons and Process

If you’ve arrived at this point, you must be seriously considering choosing a counselor major. Congrats, as it’s a wonderful choice! Although before moving to the final part of your “why I want to be a counselor” essay guide, let’s double-check that you tick at least a couple of boxes of our reasons to become a counselor list.

  1. You are passionate about making a difference in someone else’s life.
  2. You are deeply interested in psychology.
  3. You want to help people battle their addiction.
  4. You want to help people with their mental health issues.
  5. You want a fulfilling career.
  6. You want to help people to live through a crisis.
  7. You want to guide people to a better and more rewarding life.
  8. You want a flexible job that you can do from anywhere.
  9. You are a good listener.
  10. You want to work in a field that values life experience.

If you answer yes to at least 2-3 of the statements, then it’s time to check the application requirements for your top school and get working on the “why do I want to be a counselor” essay. All the instructions should be available on the program’s page. Typically, there are some prompts to answer, though don’t confuse the format for a simple question-answer paper. You should structure it like an academic essay that generally doesn’t exceed 1500 words with a 300-word limit for each question. Be sure to have a personal story that doesn’t involve any clichés such as “my school counselor changed my life forever”. You need your story to stand out and be memorable enough for the admission board to put it into the accepted pile.

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Counseling Personal Statement. Top Tips to Make a Great Impression

Your application essay isn’t called a “personal statement” for no reason. The “why do you want to be a counselor” question is there to give you the chance to make a case for you being an excellent fit for the school and its program in your own words. Besides the obvious don’ts such as “don’t copy”, “avoid clichés”, and such dos as “do your research”, here are some insightful tips on how to write a counseling statement.

  • Check out your courses. It’ll show that you are already taking interest in the curriculum. Talk about what pathways you see opening before you thanks to the knowledge offered by the program.
  • Present what you already know about the field. Discuss what areas, topics, or even points you know about behavioral psychology and link that insight to some real-life experiences.
  • Describe real-life examples. Present your interest in psychology and illustrate how you became even more motivated to deepen your knowledge of the subject by giving some real-world examples.
  • Talk about your future in psychology. Describe how your degree will help to realize your future plans. Crafting a detailed 5-year plan will show the admission board that you are serious about completing your degree.
  • Discuss how your previous work experience relates to your future career goals. Show that you are already applying the skills and knowledge you have and that your choice of major is grounded in some experience and not a whimsical choice.
  • Present your personal characteristics and strengths that will advance your counseling career. Any school wants to have a pool of successful alumni who will contribute to its prestige. Show the admission board that you have a clear plan for achieving it.

Expert Answer to the Write My Personal Statement for Me Request

Coming up with an original, engaging, and eloquent answer to a “why do I want to be a counselor” prompt can often be excruciating. Some people simply lack the writing skills to put even the most perfect motivation into the right words. Others have difficulty presenting themselves in the best light possible. It’s only natural, as counselors are empathetic people by their nature and the limelight of self-presentation can sometimes be too much to bear. That is where our professional writers can do the job for you. They are more than neutral parties to the task, they genuinely want you to succeed in your life-changing endeavor! Choosing to get another person with a fresh set of eyes to play on your team and write your “why I want to be a counselor” essay for you can only bring you numerous perks like relieving you of the stress and burden of coming up with a unique essay and saving you the time for more agreeable things to do.

Opting to Buy Personal Statement Online Has Never Been Quicker and Easier

If you’ve chosen to get a more experienced player for your “why become a counselor” personal statement writing team, wants you to have as smooth of an order process as possible as well. We’ve set up a quick and comprehensive guide you can follow whether it’s your first time working with us or not, so be sure to check it to make sure you haven’t skipped any steps. Don’t worry, our delightful support staff will always be glad to assist you in case you have any questions for them.

  1. Start with the first step of the order form. Here you can choose all the relevant options for your order and attach all the necessary files, notes, comments, and ideas you want your writer to use.
  2. The next step is the payment page where you can use the most suitable method for you, so we can proceed with the search for the best possible writer for you.
  3. As soon as your expert writer submits the final draft, our editors will double-check it for any kind of mistakes and obviously, plagiarism.
  4. Your personal statement will be available for download on your personal page as soon as your deadline is up!

Although our order process is extremely quick and easy, there’s a whole team of writers, editors, and support staff that makes sure that your personal statement is of the best possible quality and is done and ready exactly when you need it to be. Why not use the help and support of trained professionals whose sole goal is to see you succeed in your wonderful choice of becoming a counselor? We’re always here for you!

Let Give You Flying Start to Your Counseling Career

The quality and freshness of your “why I want to be a counselor” essay can be detrimental to your getting into your top school of choice. It is only logical that you might think of seeking expert help to assist you with writing it. That is why can be a perfect choice for you! Our professional writers have handled a myriad of personal statement assignments, so crafting one for you will be a piece of cake for them. They will surely know not only the nuts and bolts but all the intricate details of a superb application essay that will be bound to fascinate your reader. Allow yourself to enjoy the few days off you’ll have before starting your counseling program and trust our qualified writers to do the heavy lifting for you!

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