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Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist Essay | Writing Tips for Medical Students

Healthcare will never become an outdated issue, as the life of humankind greatly depends on it. Despite the advancements in the contemporary world, there are numerous diseases, which cannot be fully cured. Even if to imagine a utopian community where people rarely fell ill, it is impossible to eradicate medical care. Doctors and pharmacists will be always revered members of any society. Such thoughts might have crossed your mind when you were writing why I want to be a pharmacist essay. There is also a possibility that you are researching this topic now. Hence, if you want to dedicate your career to the pharmacy, then you should learn a lot about general medicine in the world and your country in particular, healthcare problems modern individuals continue to suffer from, as well as the pros and cons of this professional choice. It is essential to explore this topic from various perspectives, as you cannot know for sure what your experience will entail. You may find a job within a certain health care institution, state hospital, nursing home, pharmaceutical research company, medical school, or a conventional drugstore. Becoming a pharmacist is a decent goal, as it is regarded as one of the most trustworthy and relevant career choices. Besides, it can turn into your life mission to help people find the right medication.

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Despite your noble vocational strivings, it is a challenging task to get into a regular pharmacy school, not to mention a higher-level educational establishment. Your grades and test scores should be excellent; you also need to present valid recommendations of your candidature from your teachers or mentors. When trying to get enrolled in a pharmacy school, the primary assignment you have to complete is an admission essay. In this paper, you have to explicitly demonstrate why your candidature is valuable. Therefore, composing “why I want to be a pharmacist essay” for a demanding committee is a daunting task, which cannot be failed. Whenever you have doubts, not knowing where your focus should be, what exactly to disclose about yourself, then there cannot be a wiser choice than addressing professional writing assistance. Although we prepared great pharmacy essay writing tips below, rest assured that experts are always there for you!

Key aspects of the pharmacist profession

If you want to work in the sphere of pharmacy, you should be well-versed in medical care in general. It entails a profound knowledge of the most topical health problems of the modern world as well as medication aimed to cope with recurrent illnesses. As a pharmacist, you have to be able to prepare certain types of medicine. You may also be responsible for storing the necessary amount of medication, controlling its quality and expiration dates. Last but not least, you will have permission to sell medicine in official drugstores. Pharmacy is an exciting branch of healthcare, which amalgamates chemical sciences and health sciences. If you strive to work in this industry, then you have to differentiate between potential hazardous substances and safe substances for human health. A certain amount of academic research in this field of study is devoted to medication quality control and tests of the potential side effects.

One more pertinent subject in the sphere is pharmacology, which is specifically focused on medicine production and further circulation. All students interested in pharmacy can take special courses to delve into various complicated processes of medical substances research, preparation, testing, and distribution. Although a pharmacist has no direct relation to the treatment of patients, a specialist in this sphere should know everything about pharmaceutical drugs, their pros and cons. It is crucial to investigate medication in terms of its most typical beneficial effects on people as well as instances of the possible side effects.

The role of the pharmacist in health care should not be underestimated. The following responsibilities are one of the most typical duties a pharmaceutical professional has:

a) researching and obtaining the necessary drugs for the potential patients;

b) finding and maintaining suitable conditions to store medication in demand;

c) making sure that expired medical drugs are not sold and disposed of safely;

d) selling/distributing prescribed healthcare products directly to customers;

e) gaining experience in point of care (as pharmacists will always be useful in emergency situations);

f) providing medical advice and recommendations to every client of the drugstore or pharmaceutical industry.

Consequently, it is a myth that a pharmacist should only be focused on dispensing medical products to people who need them. It is essential for such a professional to have deep knowledge of modern clinical services. It is scrupulous work, which encompasses the assessment of an abundance of healthcare supplies. It may also involve cooperation with international pharmacological institutions.

Career Opportunities with Pharmacy Degrees

The beginners in health care education may misinterpret the actual relevance of a Pharm. D. degree. Some of the possible career paths you may choose:

Working for independent pharmacies

Indeed, the majority of workplaces regularly appear in commercial drugstores. Yet, you must realize that your knowledge of medication should be profound to dispense the right medical products to people who need them. More and more pharmacists do not simply sell the products but also work directly with people who suffer from such health problems as high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, anemia, etc. Pharmacists should also be able to help those trying to get rid of harmful habits and addictions, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and even taking drugs. Therefore, the demand for community pharmacists, who interact with patients, is increasing significantly.

Working in hospitals

If you want to be as close to the healthcare system as possible, you should aim to work in a hospital alongside doctors and nurses. In this setting, you do not simply distribute medication, but you have the right to make valuable suggestions not only to patients but to health professionals. This job is highly responsible, as you should know everything about the side effects of all the dispersed drugs. Patients and doctors would rely on you to distribute the right medication dosages. Thus, you basically have no room for mistakes.

Working for governmental departments

Versatile public health departments require the constant advice of professional pharmacists. Therefore, you can also strive to work at the state level. For instance, there is a range of employment opportunities at the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration. You can find such organizations in any economically sustainable country in the world. It is prestigious to work as a clinical pharmacist in an international health care team. Having such an experience would allow you to find a job in any country.

Working in a pharmaceutical industry

You can become one of the pharmacists who would be directly responsible for developing and testing new medication. It is especially exciting to be involved in the process of the creation of new drugs or even vaccines against some highly contagious viruses. Such jobs typically have higher salaries.

Working for academia

If you do not strive to be directly involved in patient care or medication production, but your interest in pharmacy has not ceased, then you can dedicate your career path to education. It is also a noble profession to teach future pharmacists. In this case, you need to acquire a Master’s degree in healthcare and pharmaceutical science.

Why I Decided to Become a Pharmacist: Essay Writing Guidelines

If you are writing an essay, which aims to reveal your career goals in the pharmaceutical industry, you can make use of the 5 expert tips we highlighted below.

  1. Ponder on the most positive personality traits that you have. Usually, those individual qualities are interrelated with high moral principles and virtues. For instance, if you are altruistic, compassionate, and honest, then these traits are perfect for a healthcare-related profession. Write down the most beneficial qualities, which embody your ambition. Basically, you should answer a question: why do you want to be a pharmacist? tIf you feel that this is your vocation, then you will easily describe why you will be a good pharmacy student. One more helpful hint: this profession is largely based on painstaking attention to detail. Hence, if double-checking details is one of your habits, then you should definitely mention this trait. When drafting the list of personal qualities, write down as many characteristics as possible. You will be able to revise the most essential ones later.
  2. The representatives of admission committees at pharmacy schools scrupulously assess your motivation. Thus, you have to sound explicitly encouraged to demonstrate your unfeigned interest in the subject. You can start your admission essay, showing how motivated you are. Concurrently, you have to include relevant reasons to be a pharmacist. It can be reflected in your empathetic attitude to others, clear understanding of the most topical healthcare issues, as well as the entire spectrum of opportunities you see in the modern pharmaceutical industry. If you have any volunteering experience related to helping people, you should also list it as one of your motivational factors.
  3. Scroll through all the potential medical schools you would like to study at. Every website may have discrepant admission requirements, so it is better to examine each type of application cautiously. Besides, those schools may already have their curriculum posted, so you can easily view the department profiles as well as the lists of your prospective subjects. The more details you scrutinize, the more essential characteristics of the institution you will find out. These details may greatly help you create a unique and topic-oriented personal essay for pharmacy school.
  4. Drafting of your why pharmacy essay would be in vain unless you prepare an outline beforehand. You should list the main reasons for going to pharmacy school right from the start. Although it is evident to the admission committee that your main goal is to get enrolled, you should disclose every motivational factor and firm reasons why your candidature can surpass other applicants.
  5. When your outline is prepared, create the first draft, immersing in each point. It is ok to provide more details – you will exclude trivial points later. Just remember that your words should sound persuasive but natural. The committee must believe that working in the pharmaceutical sphere is your honest striving, not a forced intention. After you finish the draft, check it for stylistic and grammatical mistakes. Gradually, you will turn the drafted version into the final why I want to be a pharmacist essay. 

More Writing Suggestions

  • It is favorable to write an ultimate pharmacy personal essay, which can be used to apply to different medical schools. Even if you chose only one program among others, keep your statement general, but also focus on the specifics of their curriculum. Keep in mind that after you submit your application, you will not be allowed to edit it.
  • Adhere to the required word count. Most applications show you the exact word length, which should be filled. Thus, do your best to work within the same limit. It would be unwise to write much more but not to be able to send it. It is convenient to type within the field of the application itself, as you will see the exact number of characters left. The typical number is 4,500 characters maximum.
  • Write uniquely. Even if there are many free samples you can make use of, they are usually of low quality, and there is also a risk of plagiarism. It is strictly forbidden to plagiarize according to the Applicant Code of Ethics.
  • Do not reinvent the wheel using unusual formatting styles. Formatting of such applications is usually simpler than the styles used for your regular academic essays. If the application should be typed in a special form, then you will not be able to save such elements as multiple spaces, bold and italic sentences, as well as margins. If you want to present separate paragraphs, simply type a double return between each new section. Thus, it is better not to copy your essay from Microsoft Word: use a Notepad or a simple text tool equivalent instead.
  • Proofread your essay thoroughly. Although you may hear this advice all the time, you should always remember that written works aimed at achieving a certain result, such as being accepted to a medical school, are of high importance. It means your pharmacy essay should be flawless. The experienced committee will instantly notice even minor grammar and punctuation mistakes. While it matters what ideas you present and how motivated you are, it also matters how well you express yourself in writing.
  • These brief tips will help you improve the draft of your “Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist” essay. Yet, when this assignment seems to be complicated, do not hasten to seek pharmacy school essay help from professionals.

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