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Why I Want to Be a Psychologist Essay Tips and Ideas

Let us guess, you were always interested in people and why they do the things they do. This is what makes you want to pursue a psychology degree. And this is the right motivation. But before you start your studies, you need to be accepted to the desired college or university. This means you need to craft a strong and engaging psychology personal statement. And here it is not enough to make a claim about strong and correct motivation. The admission officers will look through tons of essays with similar claims. So, you need to be special. You need to stand out from the crowd. In addition, this document can be decisive for your academic future in case your grades are pretty much average.

So, what to write in a Why I Want to Be A Psychologist essay to beat the competition? Our team of professional writers has prepared concise and precise essay writing guidelines that will make your essay stick in admissions tutors’ minds.

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Reasons to Earn a Psychology Degree

Well, we know that you want to understand human behavior. But there are actually more reasons to study the human mind and soul.

1. Mental healthcare experts are in great demand

Contemporary society needs more psychologists who really understand what’s going on in the human mind. Our life became faster, the environment became more competitive and digitalized. And we have little time left for ourselves, for our inner life, and for building relationships with others. This often results in such problems as sleep loss, anxiety, irritability, and distorted relationships among others.

Luckily, people understand the need to address this problem and are actively seeking ways to resolve this situation. Meanwhile, professional help is the only way out. With the right knowledge and intentions, you will be able to heal this tired world. Hey, that sounds like a statement from a Why I Want To Be a Psychologist essay.


2. You will understand the developmental stages every individual goes through

The individual’s behavior, as well as needs, depends on the stage they are at now. As a student, you will study all stages of human development and thought processes at each stage. You will know the link between the child’s early years of life and the individual’s behavior later in life. Thus, you will be able to arrive at the right diagnosis. You will check if the patient is at the right stage right now or if something went wrong and some traumatic incident distorts normal development.


3. You will know everything about personality types and human diversity

While pursuing your degree, you will learn about the inner world of each person. You will see how different we are in how we perceive the world and our place in it. You will learn about various personality types and the strong and weak sides of each one. This will help you understand people better and be more empathetic towards others. We all think and feel differently. And knowing this, you will be able not to judge others for views that are different from yours.


4. Opportunity to stay at the forefront of new discoveries

This science is relatively young. There is still much to be researched and discovered. To make your own contribution to the studies of the human mind and soul, you will have to learn about various research methods and the discoveries that have been already made. Pay attention to studies of the link between the brain and subjective experiences. This direction is especially popular. And having landed a job, you will carefully study the psychological conditions and behaviors of your clients keeping track of all changes and making well-ordered notes.

These interesting findings in the field of Psychology may spark your interest:

Young women who use Instagram frequently are prone to depression, low self-esteem issues, and anxiety

To increase well-being one should spend more time on social platforms

Cultural activities help to fight depression in elderly people

Success in life depends more on emotional intelligence than on cognitive intelligence

Individuals rarely know the true reasons for their actions

You can mention some of these findings while writing your personal statement for psychology program.

5. Buster common misconceptions

Various types of mental illnesses are often confused. Some mild illnesses are sometimes perceived as severe ones. You will learn about behaviors typical for specific mental conditions. Thus, you will be able to make the correct diagnosis and understand how you can help the patient. By having a proper understanding of the patient's condition, you will know what tactics to use and will be able to help the person understand himself.

6. You can choose from a variety of colleges and universities to study

Psychology Numerous universities and colleges offer Psychology degree studies. You will be able to find a school with the right location and tuition fee for you.

7. Investigate the captivating world of the unconscious

This sphere has not been properly studied yet. Our inner life does not always follow the same rules as the behavior the rest of the world sees. Today, psychologists try to find out why people behave in stressful or unusual situations the way they do. Scientists are trying to understand what unconscious processes are triggered in these situations and why they begin to dictate to a person what to do. Researchers are trying to decipher our dreams. All of this information is intended to help people change so they can live more fulfilling lives. In other words, psychologists are trying to find ways to help people develop a more mindful lifestyle and strive to bring more meaning to our lives.

8. A wide range of specialization paths and room for self-development

It is for you to decide what type of career path to choose. In addition, every psychologist focuses on certain psychotherapy schools, certain approaches to treatment, and techniques. Of course, after reading many textbooks and other literature, you will be able to choose the right track. Just to start with, consider these five categories of psychotherapy:

  • Behavior therapy – focuses on detecting maladaptive behaviors and substituting them with appropriate ones.
  • Psychodynamic and psychoanalysis treatment strategies – these therapies offer to treat patients by focusing on unconscious thoughts that dictate certain behaviors. The relations between the patient and the doctor are the cornerstone of this approach.
  • Humanistic therapy - aims to empower people to make choices that will allow them to reach their maximum potential.
  • The cognitive treatment approach – aims to change and correct the way patients think and their attitude to their behavior and thoughts.
  • Integrative therapy – is a combination of various treatment strategies which is chosen based on what a specific patient needs.

9. Great Career opportunities

Of course, every psychologist sees the sense of life in treating people. And this is what prospective students often mention in the process of psychology essay writing. But that’s not all. Your studies will also help you to make good money. If you choose to work as a psychologist, you will have to acquire good knowledge and a degree to become a counseling psychotherapist/psychologist.

Being a counseling psychotherapist/psychologist, you can work independently or in a team. You can also work for a non-governmental organization, supporting the mental health of a specific community.

You can also choose to work as a clinical psychologist. Thus, you will work in a hospital or clinic. You will conduct regular sessions, test patients, as well as facilitate couples therapy, group therapy, and individual and child therapy, using different methods (such as play therapy).

Obtaining a master’s in psychology degree, you will be able to work in different spheres: Human Resource Management, Social Work and Communication, Advertising and Sales, Forensics, Politics, etc.

10. Learn more about yourself

You will be able to apply the knowledge gained during the training to yourself and explore your own behavior.

This means you have already got your very first patient – you. By exploring yourself, you will learn how to help others, how to listen to them and understand them. You will discover the healing power of empathy and words. You will also learn to make observations and formulate hypotheses based on the gathered data.

Get ready to learn something new every day. In fact, you will learn all your life. This exciting journey of self-discovery will never end. With each new patient, you will also learn something new about yourself!

Writing an essay on psychology is not easy, but we believe that a wide range of career opportunities can inspire you to create a written masterpiece.

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Career Opportunities

We have already discussed some of the career opportunities in the field of Psychology. Thus, in addition to clinical practice, you will be considering work in fields such as business, sports, and education. You will gain proficiency in a variety of spheres, including behavioral research, sociology medical science, and even the legal field.

To become a clinically practicing psychologist you need to obtain a Ph.D. degree. Still, to work as a therapist you can hold a lesser degree. Some career opportunities include:

  • School counselor; a job that requires a BA in Psychology.
  • Psychiatric nursing assistant, which requires only an associate degree.
  • Substance (alcohol, drugs) abuse counselor; the job open to those with an MA in psychology.

These are just a few of the plethora of jobs open to one with a psychology degree. You will learn more about career opportunities while studying at your university. With this knowledge, you will be able to choose the path that suits you best.

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Why I Want to Study Psychology Essay Writing Guidelines

Professional writers working at our psychology essay writing service explain that a good personal statement is one that reflects the applicant’s personal interests, knowledge of the subject, and extracurricular activities/experiences. Thus, you should focus on the three key aspects:

  1. explaining how much you are interested in psychology and explaining the ways you have studied the subject;
  2. stressing your academic adilities/skills and how they will help you in your future studies. For instance, you can mention your analytical skills and explain how they will help you to study human behavior;
  3. describing extracurricular experiences and linking them to your subject of interest. You may mention some projects, essay competitions, and lectures, among others.

Below you will find more guidelines on how to cover each of these aspects logically structuring your Why I Want to Be a Psychologist Essay.

1. Stress your personal interest in studying Psychology and explain how you have already explored the subject.

It may happen so that you have an initial interest in the subject, but you haven’t explored it in depth to this day. This is not a big problem. You will just need to read more about the subject and explore it in depth. Read some good books, scientific articles, etc.

Prompts to direct your exploration:
  • To learn more about the main aspects and themes in Psychology you can check the obligatory modules of the courses that you will study to learn about the key themes and topics. Thus, usually, students have such courses as Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Neuroscience, and Cognitive Psychology.
  • After you have learned about the main themes in Psychology, make a list of those that really pique your interest. Find and read articles related to these topics, make notes, and link the gained knowledge to your personal experience (examples from your life). By doing so, you may find out that you are interested in, let’s say, Social Psychology. And to be more specific, group identity. Ask yourself: why is it interesting for me to research this subject? Maybe you saw some examples of “outgroup homogeneity” in your life? Remember, while crafting your personal statement, it is advisable to start with describing your personal experience explaining how a certain incident has inspired you to conduct academic research. Still, this is the partial answer to how to write a psychology essay question. The next two aspects should also be considered while creating this important document.

2. Stress your academic skills and how these will help you in your future studies

This means you should show that you are ready to study Psychology at the university. Think of those academic skills and abilities that should help you to study the chosen discipline. For example, good verbal communication skills, listening skills, and others related to the sphere of emotional intelligence are important in Psychology as one should be able to identify and monitor the emotions of others as well as personal ones.

3. Describe your extra-curricular experiences and link them to Psychology

In fact, these should be co-curricular activities. This should be something related to Psychology. Sports or music are not the best options in this case. It is much better to mention certain Psychology essay competitions, research projects, or thematic lectures you have attended. For example, there are yearly Cambridge and Oxford-run essay competitions that you can take part in. Also, you can conduct independent research to be able to mention it in your personal statement (How about investigating the impact of age/ethnicity/gender/ or other factors on word and number processing.

Our writers, who provide psychology essay help recommend mentioning the time spent at psychology summer school or extra lectures and talks. The latter can be easily found online.

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Psychology Essay Format

Your personal statement should include four-five paragraphs. Here is the standard structure:
  • 1st paragraph: This is your introductory part. Here you should explain what motivates you to study Psychology. Explain, what is so special about psychology. What do you hope to explore by studying this subject? It is not advisable to speak about your childhood. Instead, explain what motivates you right now.
  • 2nd paragraph: Here comes the main part. Explain your interest in Psychology by talking about a certain activity (e.g. Summer school). Which of your academic abilities does this activity reveal/highlight? Link your discussion to another activity (for example, an Oxford lecture on …). Add a sentence that links this paragraph to the next one.
  • 3rd paragraph: Follow the same format. Discuss a different theme or topic. Add a transitional sentence.
  • 4th paragraph: Lastly, you can briefly list some extra-curricular experiences that are not related to Psychology directly. This can be music or volunteering. Still, you are to show how these have helped to build skills in preparation for studying Psychology. These can be your other A-Level subjects. You may describe how they have improved your study of Psychology. These can be some prizes or responsible roles you had at school. Thus, you may have had a club, the school newspaper, or student council.

It may be helpful to end your Why I Want to Be a Psychologist Essay by returning in the last few lines to your ability to learn the subject. Highlight the main skills that will help you to excel at the degree level. It is important to highlight both, your willingness to study Psychology and evidence of academic skills.

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Extra Tips for a Perfect Essay

  1. Demonstrate our awareness of the latest findings on the topic: you may want to analyze a new article or craft a short blog post. Mention some specialist magazines, journals, or websites you keep an eye on.
  2. Demonstrate your passion. Show where your interest in psychology comes from. Explain why this subject is so special to you. Show how this interest came about and what you did to develop it further.
  3. Research the profession. The committee members want to see that you know – psychology is not limited to clinical psychology. Remember, it is not all about psychoanalysis and Freud. This is a science where the researcher focuses on conducting research and analyzing data.
  4. It’s good to talk about your expectations from university experience and the psychology degree you want to obtain.
  5. Remember to explain what you have gained from this or that experience. List only activities that tell something relevant about you. Did you play for the school football team? Maybe now you have better teamwork skills?

Now you are equipped with knowledge and guidelines for crafting a perfect personal statement for Psychology. If you still think that your essay will be just another ordinary high school paper that won’t help you stand out from the crowd, then you should seek professional psychology essay writing help.

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Psychology Essay Help When It is Needed

Everyone knows how hard it is to learn something new. Everyone knows how hard it is to pass tests in different disciplines. It's no wonder that as a student just out of high school, you're tired and stressed. And this is not the right state of mind and soul to start writing your Why I Want to Study Psychology Essay. You can make silly mistakes that will adversely affect your academic future. That’s why our custom writers offer you professional psychology essay writing help. We can make sure your personal statement presents you as a bright student who fits perfectly into the community of the chosen university and can contribute to the field of Psychology, having received a solid education. Contact us today to make your academic dreams come true.

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