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Writing a “Why I Want to be a Social Worker” Essay is Important for Your Social Work Major

Choosing your college major is not always easy. You need to carefully consider what field you will be dedicating your working life to. That’s apart from the four, six, or even more years to get there. Make sure to check the job opportunities as well as the different programs colleges offer. Will they be the right fit for your interests and academic inclinations? Making a list of all pros and cons will be a great help when writing your “why I want to be a social worker” essay as well.

If you’re set on a social work major, it means that you have a strong passion for social justice. If you feel that helping and empowering people in need is your calling, you’ve made a perfect choice! Your job will never be boring, and it’ll help you to bring change to the people that need it most! That is the motivation behind majoring in social work. And to get enrolled into such program, you need to explain why you fit the chosen career.

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What Can You Do with Social Work Major?

As people with social work majors are employed in various fields and settings, you have many options to explore before concentrating on the one you prefer. It’s a fast-growing career field that is only going to expand in the next 10 years, so you should have job opportunities coming your way.

Often people who choose the social work major already have a specific issue or a group they want to work with before finishing their degree. If that’s your case, you already have a good personal story for your “why I want to become a social worker” essay. If not, try to decide whether you want to influence the legislation to better serve and protect large communities, or you want to deal with people directly. Whatever your answer is, you’ll surely find a setting that suits you the most. Whether it’s medical, hospice, military, or child welfare, there are many people in need of help and guidance!

Social Worker vs Psychologist. What’s the Difference?

If you’re interested in helping people, the mental field or simply want to have the best tools to help people, you need to choose a major that best aligns with your values and matches your interests perfectly. Take your time to consider the options, so your reasoning has a solid foundation for your “why I want to be a social worker” essay. As these professions are in the same field and face similar challenges, let’s explore the difference between a psychologist and a social worker.

Social workers identify their clients’ problems and explore community and social service resources that might help, such as assistance of psychologists. It’s the social worker’s responsibility to connect their client with a trained professional who can attend to the problem.

Psychologists treat their clients’ underlying emotional or mental problems. They often treat the same clients for a long period of time, sometimes years. Psychologists meet with clients, identify their mental health issues, and prescribe treatment plans.

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Essential Characteristics of a Social Worker to Have

How to determine if you have a “social worker personality”? You are passionate about social justice. You enjoy helping people, even if it’s not convenient for you. You can easily put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You accept people for who they are. Finally, you want a career that means something. At the core, social work is all about empowering other people and making a difference, be it for one person or community as a whole. What makes a good social worker great?

  • Patience. Social cases can drag on for years. Additionally, social workers need a lot of time to identify the root cause of a person’s problems to make progress with them.
  • Perceptiveness. Your clients won’t always tell you everything, so you need to pick up the cues where you see them. Being a good judge of character will be helpful as well.
  • Dependability. Social workers need to be dependable to build trust with their clients. As it builds, the clients will look to you for more and more guidance on various subjects.
  • Empathy. The most important of all characteristics of a good social worker. No matter how different your client is from you, you need to see and accept them as they are.

Social Worker Career Pathways You Can Choose

Social work is both a fast-growing and diverse field. There’s an abundance of available jobs. When thinking about your career goals in social work, it’s better to check some examples. Bear in mind that we’re listing only the most popular options for a bachelor’s degree. You’ll have more choices and opportunities to specialize with a master’s or a doctor’s degree if you decide to pursue your career further.

  • Rehabilitation Case Worker. You’ll help disabled people to get back into the workforce after a period of unemployment. The disabilities can be physical or mental, caused by an injury or a pre-existing condition. You’ll need to determine the client’s abilities and limitations to help them find a perfect position.
  • Community Outreach Worker. If you have great people skills and feel comfortable with the spotlight, this option might be just perfect for you! You’ll act as a liaison between an organization and the community and educate the public on your organization’s services.
  • Case Management Aide. In case you’re more comfortable working behind the scenes or just have fantastic organizational skills, this option is just for you! You will assist another social worker, and manage their caseload and the paperwork that goes with it.
  • Eligibility Worker. Many people require assistance with their housing, finances, and other basics. Here’s where governmental eligibility workers can help. Your task will be to determine and explain which program your client is eligible for.

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Possible Pros and Cons of Social Work

When deciding on your major, it’s a good thing to list all pros and cons of being a social worker (in this case) so that you have a good idea of what to expect from your college and work life. It’ll also help you to be clearer with your intentions when writing your “why I want to be a social worker” essay for your application. Let’s see what you’re in for, starting with some cons:

  • Bureaucracy. Social workers often have an extensive paperwork load to deal with, so be prepared for it to take a good chunk of your working time.
  • Irregular schedule. You may need to be on call quite often. Additionally, you’ll need to visit your clients in different locations, so your personal commitments may suffer.
  • Compassion fatigue. Social workers regularly face humanity at its worst. Seeing too much violence or suffering may lead to not wanting to deal with any more such cases.

While the cons can be quite gloomy, you’ll certainly reap everything the pros have to offer in full!

  1. Making a difference. Social workers are there to change people’s lives for the better, so your job will be literally life-changing!
  2. Diversity of jobs and settings. You can pick and choose the setting you prefer and a specific group of people you want to work with.
  3. Growth and benefit opportunities. Social work is a fast-growing field that is predicted only to expand. Plus, you’ll have access to various benefits as well as above-average wage.

Is Being a Social Worker Worth it? The Fundamental Question to Start off Your College Life

Many people say that social work isn’t a career that you pick – it picks you. If you seriously consider it as an option, you must have a strong desire to help change people’s lives for the better. Social work is an extremely rewarding and meaningful field to work in, you might just make a perfect choice! If you need any help with your application, check our writers’ tips on how to write an outstanding “why I want to be a social worker” essay!

Guide to Writing a Perfect “Why I Want to be a Social Worker” Essay

Most of the schools have several prompts listed for the essay, so make sure to check the “Application Checklist” or “Admissions Requirements” pages on the school’s website before even starting your rough draft. Although it would be easier to answer the prompt in the question-answer format, you still need to format your statement as an essay. As for the length, it also varies between 250 and 900 words, so be sure to check the guidelines for that as well.

Remember that the “why I want to be a Social Worker” essay is one of the most important parts of your application. You need to write an essay that is memorable, truthful, and fascinating to read. A social work admission essay should be about yourself, your past experiences, your career goals, and any other relevant to your application. It should help the admission board to get to know your reasons for choosing the social work field and why you think you’ll be good at it. Be sure to mention any details that show you are a perfect candidate for your top school of choice

How to Write a Social Work Personal Statement that Will Help you Stand Out

When writing your social work personal statement your personality should be the highlight of the essay. You need to show your understanding of what social work is and how you relate to it based on your personal experiences. Here are some of the main points you should mention.

Knowledge of what social work is

  • Show your understanding of what social work as a job is all about. Be sure to mention what skills, knowledge, and experience you can bring to it
  • Talk about what you’ve learned from different media or what inspired you about taking up social work field. Try to stay away from popular literature, so your motives have some originality.
  • Try to show your interest in the broad scope of the work, and not one narrow part of it

Relevant work and extra-curriculars

  • Make the most you can of every chance to acquire experience of supporting people in need be it mentoring, working in care homes, working with the elderly or people with disabilities
  • Demonstrate what you’ve learned from those experiences and how they helped you develop the skills or qualities necessary for social work
  • Be sure to mention any relevant transferable skills from your employment or extra-curriculars

Necessary skills and qualities for social work

  • Show your ability to be non-discriminative. Explain the effects disadvantage brings to society
  • Tell any illustrative stories about your skills in action, especially those necessary for social work – being a team player, organization, motivation, commitment
  • Avoid clichés like “I love helping people” and “I am a people person”. You need to have solid and illustrative arguments to explain your passion


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The college application process can often be the most stressful period in your academic life. Especially if you have more than one college of choice. That’s completely understandable. Given you are choosing a career path you might follow for the rest of your working life, the importance of your application essay can’t be overestimated. is there to relieve some of that pressure off you! Our professional writers will help you to come up with and shape the perfect motivational story for your “why I want to be a social worker” essay. Their experience with such assignments will ensure that your essay has all the necessary features to distinguish you from the crowd of other applicants and convince the admissions board that you are a worthy candidate for your top-choice school! Our whole team understands how significant that task is, so we are here to provide you with all the support we can through your life-changing journey!

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