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What to Write in a Birthday Card: Interesting Ideas to Consider

It seems obvious that funny and inspirational congratulations or cards on the occasion of birthdays are what everyone likes receiving. We have created several lists of useful ideas about what to write in a birthday card so that it is easier for you to make your congratulations pleasant and impressive. Regardless of the person who you are going to send your message to, i.e. a friend, relative, business partner, etc., we will help you make your congratulations appropriate and sincere. Thus, consider the ideas provided below to make your birthday cards unforgettable.

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Do You Want to Create a Striking Birthday Card?

In this article, you will find a broad range of interesting concepts for the birthday cards for friends, family members, beloved, etc. If you want your congratulation include something like “You are as beautiful as a morning flower and with every year you become more stunning,” you will definitely find some useful tips here.

In some cases, it is very hard to write the needed words to inspire and please the addressee, especially if you are doing it in the last minute. If it goes about buying birthday cards, you may encounter difficulties with choosing the right one, especially if you are pressed for time. In such situations, the ideas presented below will come in handy.

The following are the phrases that will help you start your birthday card:

  1. Your birthday makes us feel happy and elevated because you are a great person.
  2. Sending you a million kisses. You are our precious little thing!
  3. Wishing you the most wonderful things my dearest!
  4. Every day gives you a chance to build a new life.
  5. Every year brings you more beauty and charm.

It is as clear as a day that birthdays are more than special days that are filled with magic and that strange feeling of joy. Creating the card that will make such day even more remarkable and pleasant is a great way of helping someone feel deeply loved and cared.

We may not even fully understand how much our attention matters to the person celebrating their birthday until we hear that they were incredibly cheerful to get our birthday card. It follows that you should strive to compose the message that will help the addressee feel their uniqueness. You should bear in mind that the content and not the length of your congratulation is what matters.

Hence, take a look at the ideas and tips provided by professionals to learn to produce awesome birthday cards.

Brief Messages Are always in Fashion

  • I hope your day is full of pleasant surprises!
  • Have an unbelievable day!
  • May your birthday be glorious!
  • May this year be full of remarkable events!
  • You are the queen/king of the day! Enjoy it!
  • I am with you with all my heart!
  • Today, the sun is brighter, the flowers are more colorful and the world is kinder because it is your day.
  • May all your romantic dreams come true!
  • Forget your worries and begin enjoying your life to the full!
  • Wishing you the tastiest birthday cake!

Compliments as a Means of Arousing Warm Feelings

  • May this day be extraordinary!
  • You deserve to be happy!
  • You are the very person whose birthday has to be fabulous.
  • Today, the whole Universe belongs to you!
  • This day is given to you to remind you about your kind heart and deep soul.
  • You become more and more incredible with every year!
  • You are one of those who deserves to have outstanding celebration! May a great miracle happen today!
  • I cannot find a person who deserves to have a more glorious birthday than you.
  • How can you look so nice with each year? This is wonderful!
  • The world changed for better once you have been born. Thank you that you are in my life!

Make the Addressee Feel Inspired

If you crave to inspire the receiver but do not know what to write in a birthday card, have a look at the ideas given below:

  1. We are proud to know you. You are the man who is worth tremendous admiration.
  2. May your life be interesting and filled with joy and peace!
  3. May the following year be the year of romantic love, warm feelings, and excellent health!
  4. Let this year impress you with big surprises, unforgettable journeys, and remarkable events!
  5. Go on a desirable trip, create memories! In other words, live a picturesque and miraculous life!
  6. May this year lead you to your goal! Let the miracle happen!
  7. You are the sole creator of your life. Thus, make it as colorful as you desire.
  8. Generate positive thoughts and ideas and you will attract happiness and wealth!
  9. Life is sometimes confusing. At the same time, it is the greatest gift a person can get. Thus, enjoy it!
  10. Being kindhearted and sympathetic is about you. May you get the same in return!
  11. Look at the sky. It is riddled with sparkling starts. All of them are the opportunities which this year has prepared for you.
  12. Generate brilliant ideas and you will achieve remarkable success. The Universe will help you.
  13. Do not neglect a wonderful opportunity to be happy! Today is the best day for it.
  14. Your birthday gives us a possibility to ponder one more time over your personality as the most precious one.
  15. Your birthdays are our happiness and luck. We are grateful to you for it!

Amusing Age-Related Congratulations

Write some funny phrases inside s birthday card to make the addressee’s day special:

  1. You are so cool. It is a pity that we cannot bounce up and down on a trampoline because of your age.
  2. Happy birthday, greybeard!
  3. Your birthday should be in a week so that you can be still young.
  4. Avoid drinking alcohol on your birthday since the bail is not possible anymore.
  5. You are rock though a little bit old. Happy B-day!
  6. Oh, you have made us laugh this day! Thanks!
  7. You seem to be a little bit upset about your age. Do not be! The old ones can also play basketball.
  8. Well, you are still looking awesome!
  9. Your soul is still young. Do not worry!
  10. Life is continuing to go on even though you are not as young as you used to be.
  11. Oh, you are already thirty! Forget it! I am wishing you all the best!
  12. You can still crack some jokes. It is great that your sense of humor has not disappear with age.
  13. Hey, pal! You are too old to eat cakes.
  14. So, you may start counting your wrinkles!
  15. Your age is still okay! Do not get upset!
  16. Time goes by extremely fast. I believe you have already felt it.
  17. Something great may still happen to you as you are not so old yet.
  18. With every year, you start looking better and better.

What to Wish a Friend

Here are the phrases which you may include in a birthday card created for your friend:

  • You are the person who I can rely on. Happy birthday!
  • Today, the whole world will celebrate your day!
  • You are the neatest person I have ever met!
  • I am so happy you are present in my life. Thank you!
  • You make me feel happy and see only beautiful things in my life. Happy B-day, pal!
  • Oh, let me tease you a little bit!
  • You are the one who knows the value of friendship. I am so proud to be your friend!
  • I cannot imagine what I would do if you have not came into my life.
  • One of my greatest assets is your friendship. I could not ask for more.
  • Sunshine, may this day be awesome!
  • You are the kindest person in the whole world! Your generosity and sympathy have no limits!
  • You may write a book explaining what a loyal friend is. I am glad to have an opportunity to spend time with you every day.
  • You make me feel blessed. Your kind heart and soul are a unique thing today!
  • Let me make your day unbelievable! You deserve all the best!
  • You are always in my heart and thoughts. Let make take care of you at least today!

How to Make a Wonderful Birthday Card for the Beloved Ones

Are you supposed to create a birthday card for your true love? Mind the following prompts:

  1. You have made my life interesting and filled with true joy. You have made it more precious.
  2. This day reminds me about my happiness. I realize how fortunate I am to have you in my life. You have made my heart kinder and my soul deeper. Happy birthday!
  3. I do not deserve you. You are my precious gift. You are my sunny days and warm rains. You are my life. Let me always be a part of yours! Happy birthday, sweetie!
  4. Let me do the best birthday for you as you deserve it. You deserve the most surprising presents, the sweetest candies, and the tastiest cakes. You are my Universe!
  5. Your birthday is the happiest day for me. It is more vital than my own birthday. You gave me so much love and passion. Thank you for letting me be with you!
  6. No words can express my appreciate, love, and gratitude. You have helped me become more sensitive. You have made my life bright.
  7. Your love is the best thing which I could get from the Universe. Every day, I thank God for giving me an opportunity to share my life with you. Your charming soul makes everything and everyone bloom, sing, and dance. Thank you for making my life remarkable! Be happy, healthy, and wealthy!
  8. Before, I could not even imagine that a person can love another person so much. My life is empty without you!


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