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Want to Know How to Write a Two Week Notice and Say Goodbye to Your Employer? Follow Our Guidelines!

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There are a lot of reasons why you may need to leave a current job. Perhaps, you have found a better job position or you simply want to change the work environment. Whatever your reason is, you will need to write a two-week` notice letter to inform your employer about your upcoming departure. In our article, we are going to inform you how to write a two week notice in the best way. 

Two weeks will be enough to complete your work obligations, inform your colleagues how to perform some of your duties and responsibilities, as well as say goodbye to your co-workers in a positive way. Such notice also allows your employer to have some time to find an employee, who would work on your position and arrange all the important issues. Now, you are searching for some tips and suggestions on how to write a two week notice and let your employer know that you want to quit. The thing is that this letter is rather difficult to write, especially if you do not have sufficient experience or writing skills. Before you write your letter, it is necessary to review your working contract to check what is said about resigning. Depending on what is said in your contract, you will understand how to structure your letter.

What to Write in a Resignation Letter?

There are two main cases when employees write such letters. First, this letter is a way to express gratitude for an opportunity to work in the team and inform your employer that you are willing to leave the position obtained. You should not be afraid of changing your job position as it is an absolutely normal practice in the present-day world. Writing a resignation letter, you can be sure that your employer will speak positively about you and your role in the company. Also, you may want to ask your employer about a letter of recommendation for a new job. Quitting your job in just one day without leaving any notice will become a great problem for your employer and they will not become a reference for your new job. After all, having a bad reputation in your work environment, you will find it rather difficult to find a new job. In most cases, your resignation letter will provide your employer with an opportunity to find a new worker, as well as settle any accounts in your name.

The second reason why people write two weeks` notice is that they need to record their decision to resign. Later, this document will be used for various purposes. For instance, when the company`s management wants to find out why people leave the company. Please, note that the way you leave your job will significantly influence your career endeavors. No matter what is the reason for your decision, you should try to leave the company on a positive note.

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Key Tips for Creating a Great Two-Week Notice Letter

  • Do not make it too long. Basically, you need to inform your former employer that you are leaving and when will be your last working day. You are not obliged to tell whether you have found a new job and why exactly you are leaving. However, you are welcome to say thank you to your former employer and colleagues and say what you loved about your job.  If there was something you did not like about it, a two-weeks notice letter is not the best place to inform your employer about that.
  • Include the date. Your letter should include the date when the letter is written and the date of the last working day. This will help your employer understand when exactly you are leaving.
  • Try to send your letter in person if it is possible. If you can, make sure to deliver your letter in person to the employer. Such an attitude will help you thank them and remain courteous. In case the in-person meeting is impossible, make to re-send your resignation letter via e-mail and offer to discuss all the details on the phone call.
  • Send a copy of your e-mail to the HR department because they will be able to schedule an exit interview.
  • Try to be maximally honest in your interview. Your employer can appoint an exit interview with you to find out what you did not like about your cooperation with the company. Do not try to cheat on this interview because it is your chance to benefit the company`s growth. Knowing what to change about the company`s work, your employer will probably improve it. Besides, you need to be as tactful as possible. As such, when providing your criticism, do not forget to tell what you liked about your work.

How to Write a Two Week Notice Letter?

If you are done with studying the main features of the two-weeks notice letter, it is time to write it.

  1. Begin with introducing yourself, your job position, date, and subject of your letter;
  2. State your resignation;
  3. Tell when will be your last working day;
  4. Provide a reason for your quitting (if you want to);
  5. Express your gratitude to the employer and co-workers;
  6. Close the letter with a signature.

Of course, each two-weeks notice letter is different. However, it is recommended to end it on a positive note expressing your gratitude and telling that your work at the company was a very joyful experience. Leaving a good impression on your former employer will help you maintain a successful reputation.

Two-Weeks Notice Letter Example

Below, you will find an example of a two-weeks notice letter that will help you understand how such a document should look like:


Jessica Stain 
82 Up Street, Columbus, Texas 45671 

Dear Mrs. Stain,

This letter iswritten to give you notice of my resignation from MEE ISA. My final day as an accountant with MEE ISA will be on January, 30. [two weeks from today’s date].

It has been a great pleasure to work with MEE ISA. I highly appreciate the role of the company in helping me improve my accounting skills and experience.

I intend to continue providing MEE ISA with the same quality work from now until the last day of my employment. If you have any questions or there is anything you want me to do to help during this time, please let me know.

Jack Dean

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What If I Cannot Write a Two-Weeks Notice Letter?

Actually, you are not legally obliged to write a two-weeks notice. Most of the employees in the US are considered “at-will” employees, which means that their job can end for any reason and at any time. As such, they have the right to quit without writing a resignation letter. 

If you cannot wait for two weeks, and your working contract allows it, you can just quit. However, you have to be ready that your employer will refuse to cash out your vacation days. 

After You Give Notice: How to Stay on Good Terms?

We are also going to provide you with some tips that will make your employer miss you:

  • Make sure to document all your tasks and explain what duties you used to perform. It will make easier for your boss to find a person, who will be able to cope with your responsibilities;
  • Offer your help to your colleagues. Ask your colleagues if they are able to cope with your responsibilities. If they cannot, offer your assistance;

  • Do not tap out. Being the last days at work, make sure to do everything possible to make a good impression so that your employer and co-workers could have good memories of you.

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