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What Is a Memo?

A memo, the short form for memorandum, is a brief paper that can be used for several purposes. For instance, it can be used to discuss a problem along with proposed solutions. It can also be used to make announcements about new changes in company policy. For the former, the memo is often used to persuade the reader that there is a serious issue that needs solving, discusses different approaches for dealing with it, and then settling on the best.

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When deciding who to address as you write a memo, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure the memo is relevant to the audience it is addressing. If your memo is only attended for one individual - for instance, in the form a reprimand or something else that is potentially embarrassing - consider it private information should not be sent to the entire office. If there is certain information that might be considered extremely sensitive, perhaps a face-to-face briefing would be better than sending a memo.

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What Is the Format of a Memo Essay?

The typical memo is organized into several separate sections in order to make it easy for the reader to understand its purpose.

Heading Section

The heading segment follows this general format:

Heading Sections

When addressing the individual or individuals, the titles that you give them can depend on whether you know them on a first-name basis. For instance, if you work with somebody on a regular basis you can probably forgo formal titles. Otherwise, address them as Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., etc. When choosing an appropriate subject, keep it specific. For instance, “Computers” as a subject line could mean anything from software updates to announcements that new computers have been purchased for the office. Instead, write something like, “Computer Software Will Be Updated This Week.”

Opening Section

When writing a memo, begin by explaining its purpose, the issue and any necessary background information, and the way in which it can be resolved. Keep the introduction to around one paragraph. Determining how specific you want to be ultimately depends on how you plan to write the memo. If the plan is more direct, you should write an introduction that is appropriately explicit. By telling the audience about the memo’s purpose, it will encourage them to take the time to read it.


In this section, you will explain in more detail the issue that needs to be solved. You can devote a paragraph or a couple of sentences to this.


In this section, you will explain how you plan on solving the issue. If you are being asked to offer a plan, you might start with, “Per your request, I have thought of a few possible solutions to the problem…”

Stay focused and do not include any information beyond the scope of the problem. Instead, use this opportunity to provide highly detailed and realistic solutions. If you are having a difficult time explaining your task, it likely means that you have not done enough planning. Make sure to address on the issues based on what requires the highest priority.

Summary Segment

If your memo is more than a page long, it might be a good idea to include a separate summary that highlights the key recommendations and solutions. Given that the audience is busy, they will appreciate receiving a brief statement identifying the main points. You can also discuss the methods that you utilized and the sources that you chose.

Discussion Section

The discussion is the longest part of the memo and should include all the details and evidence that make your ideas and solutions reasonable. Start with discussing the most important information first. For instance, any key findings or suggestions. Also, list your ideas in the order of strongest to weakest.

Conclusion Section

After the audience has read the memo, it would be a good idea to finish with polite and courteous invitation to discuss the information further. You would want them to understand how they will benefit by taking action. For instance, you could say, “We can discuss this in more detail next week at our Monday morning meeting. Feedback would be appreciated.”

Include Any Necessary Attachments

If your memo uses statistics, charts and figures to support your ideas, make sure to include them at the end of the document as an attachment. Make sure to note that you have attached additional information just in case it gets separated from the memo. Write it like this:

Attached: Survey Results, March- July 2018


When formatting the memo, keep in mind that it should follow the same guidelines as you would with any type of business-related writing. In most cases you should keep it around one page, although more complex memos can be several pages long. The memo should be single-spaced and aligned left. You will not use indentations to indicate new paragraphs; rather, you will skip a line. The information should be brief and organized well so that the audience can follow it. This is why headings and bullet points would be useful.

Memo format

These are merely guidelines for making the memo easier to read based on how a standard memo would look, but since memos can differ you should adjust accordingly. The formatting can differ, so allow yourself some flexibility as you write it.

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Statement of assignment

The aim of this memorandum is to evaluate client's position and make a recommendation to the senior partner to file a lawsuit. Also, to prepare a defense against a lawsuit. To prepare a defense against criminal charges, or any combination of the above...

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