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There are many academic writing companies that claim to know how to write a movie review, but most of them fail to deliver on their promises. But when you write a message that says, “Write my movie review” you never have to worry about the quality of our writing. We have a team of writing experts who will watch your movies and provide a review that is informative and uses proper structure.

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How to Write a Movie Review

  1. Writing a movie review is not merely about providing a plot summary. You need to dig deeper and analyze the movie in terms of the filmmaker’s motivations, the characters’ actions, the movie’s tone, and even the emotions that the soundtrack evokes.
  2. Whether you like the movie or not, it is not enough to simply praise or bash it. You need to form an opinion that is backed up by evidence. Point to particular scenes of the movie to explain why it was effective or not.
  3. A review is intended to be a persuasive piece of writing. If you like the movie, you want to give the reader a reason to see it. On the other hand, if you believe the film is a big waste of time, you need to find objective ways to convey this.
  4. A review should not be a sterile piece of writing. You want to be both informative and entertaining. You want to present yourself as an expert on reviewing films, which means using the right language and writing with a sense of professionalism. Provide some background on the movie and include some interesting factoids that will give the audience an even better reason to see it.
  5. If time permits, try to watch the film a couple of times as you might have missed some important things the first time around. If not, at least rewind some of the crucial scenes so that you will be able to analyze it better.
  6. Very few movies are 100% perfect or are they complete disasters. Even if you loved the movie, try to identify a couple of ways in which it could have been improved. Likewise, even if the movie is objectively terrible, note any redeeming qualities such as a particular actor’s performance.
  7. Remember to keep your review spoiler free! You want to give the reader a taste for what the movie is about, but giving anyway the plot will ruin the experience for them.
  8. Movie reviews are intended to be opinions, but if you carefully lay out your paper based on facts, you will make a compelling case. Do not take it personally if other people disagree with your point of view. After all, everybody has their own unique preferences.

Why Choose When You Say, “Write My Movie Review”

When you order a custom movie review essay from, you will have peace of mind in knowing that your assignment is in good hands. Your assigned writer will watch the movie, examine the plot, theme, characters and setting, critique the pluses and minuses about the film, and offer a verdict. They will write a review that is articulate, supported by the facts, and is a pleasure to read. Of course, they will write it using the proper movie review format for students just like you who are struggling with this. Alternatively, you could do the review yourself, but why waste precious hours watching a boring movie and then having to write about it?

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Let Write a Winning Movie Review Essay

When your expert writes your movie review essay, they will approach it in the same way that they would any other academic writing. Before they begin, they will focus on the most important features of the film, including:

  • The movie title
  • The name of the main characters and the actors who play them
  • The movie genre
  • The setting
  • A general plot summary
  • A critique of the movie’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Other elements of the movie that define the movie including the special effects, lighting, sound track, etc.

Our Custom Movie Review Writers

At, there is not a single movie that is beyond the capabilities of our writers. They can handle everything from early cinema to movies released today. 

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Just say, “Write my movie review” and in no time we will put you in touch with a professional writer who has the expertise and analytical abilities to write the perfect review. In fact, our writers are passionate about watching and writing about movies! Best of all, we offer our unique, custom-made papers for the most affordable prices on the market. In addition, if you place your first order for our academic services, we will provide you with a one-time discount code that will save you even more money! We believe that high quality academic writing does not have to cost an arm and a leg, which is why we go out of our way to keep costs low without sacrificing on quality. After you buy your custom movie review, we are so confident that you will love it that you will keep coming back for more of our superb academic writing services. So order your paper today! Our friendly customer care team is available 24/7 to assist you!

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