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Samsung is considered one of the most popular electronic companies in the world. It has gained wide popularity among consumers because of its products of good value. Moreover, Samsung pays attention to the young consumers, so the company tries to attract them with a stylish look. Let us have at this company in every aspect.

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Actually, Samsung has got a lot of businesses that are quite useful for consumers. The most popular are Electronics, Heavy Industry, and Financial Service (Janrain, 1). The electronics companies provide small gadgets for everyday use. They are quite popular because there is everything starting from PC components and ending with green batteries. There is a list of electronics, namely Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung SDS, Samsung Display, and Samsung Corning Advanced Glass. Speaking about heavy industry, it includes shipbuilding, engineering and construction. One may admit that Samsung Company encourages the developed of the heavy industry. The last business is financial service which deals with serving customers in Korea. It may consist of credit card business, investments, and insurance.

Analyzing both website in the USA and Canada, one may admit that they differ a lot. The first thing is that the USA audience is bigger than Canadian. Consequently, the number of products is higher in the USA than in Canada. Moreover, the selection of products is also different. The bright example may be such product as free gear VR for the holidays (Insights Samsung Business Hong Kong, 1). This product is only proposed for the USA consumers but not for the Canadian. The reason may be connected with the demand of the product. That is to say that in the USA it is popular among young people and Canadians are less interested in it.

Basically, Samsung Electronics market differs from the market that produces mobile phones. The first thing is a target audience. Electronics is designed for home usage for women, so the company tries to people to that category of the society. In contrast, mobile phones are designed for a young generation, so Samsung tries to grab youth attention. In both cases, Samsung manages to stand out of the other companies due to its stylish look of the products. They are unique and quite appealing. Moreover, Samsung provides affordable prices for a different level of society. Actually, Samsung gets its success because of the following thing, namely innovation and design, customer loyalty, large market share, and focus on environment. Moreover, Samsung has many discounts that attract customers. It makes it even more popular among consumers.

All in all, Samsung Company is the most prosperous company in the world. It provides great products which are famous for the quality and stylish look. This company appeals to many consumers so it is quite popular today. It has the basic business groups namely Electronics, Heavy Industry, and Financial Services. They provide a wide range of products and service for consumers. Consequently, its popularity increases steadily.

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