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Second Nature

Kathleen McGowan’s article titled “Second Nature” is fundamentally about the efforts that people can make to change their personality. The major point that the author emphasizes is that is that it is likely to take several people so time to change their personality, but the bottom line is that when one changes; the second nature brings a good feeling. The author uses articles from other authors to support his argument. She gathers findings regarding language and gesture from numerous authors. After gathering all the information from other sources, Kathleen explores the notion that the process of changing individual personalities is edgy. The author emphasizes that as much as many people are willing to naturally change their personalities, it is still a long way to go. Through the article, it is apparent that numerous human qualities amount to habitual manner by which people respond to the world around them. Kathleen emphasizes that there are habits that people are bound to learn and most of the things are changeable. In one of the articles gathered by Kathleen, Christopher Peterson who is a professor of psychology affirms that there are numerous things that can be changed, but it is not that easy (McGowan, 2008). She further ascertains that when psychologist address issues about personality change just like the doctors talk of biological standpoint of weight, which is the reason why others are heavier than others.

Several cases attest to the strong features of the author’s arguments. First, the author’s use of numerous other writers’ articles making the entire article very interesting and well documented. The author further affirms that personality change is achievable through individual positive response to the surrounding. That is why he asserts that one cannot learn how to change his or her personality without making the informed decision. Another strongest feature of the author’s argument is the instance when the case of a student who formed a support group called Student of Ailing Mothers and Fathers. This is a decision that was harnessed by the urge to change the mindset of the individual’s mother since the boy was guilty. It clearly shows that someone is likely to change his/her mind and make an informed decision of that will later have impact that person’s life. This what the author refers to as optimism. She further makes her argument stronger by indicating that optimism comes as a result of practice. In addition, optimism increases when one understands its true nature. Some of the weak arguments include the instance when the author uses the article on “Passion: Taking the Plunge” to elucidate the audience concerning how psychological demands are extremely demanding. The author contends that in fundamental respects, physical stamina is required in certain games. The author fails to provide enough supportive grounds. He merely talks of how Tanya Streeter is the Tiger Woods of free-diving.

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The course offers numerous insights that support author’s arguments. I have learnt that for one to change his/her personality there must be optimism and being ready to learn. This is why many people usually fail in life because they are simply unwilling to change their personality. Through the article, I have learnt that for one to achieve something in life, they must be willing to change their personality. Second nature is achievable through courage, joy, passion, determination and optimism. 

One can apply the lessons from this article in many ways. One is by ensuring that other people’s lives are changed through practicing numerous ideas. People can also apply courage in most of the things they do in life. This will ensure that everyone achieve something in life when they become more courageous. Nonetheless, people must be ready to pick up new character traits. For instance, Kashdan notes that people are likely to feel uncomfortable but still insist on pushing forward to at least reward the internal adventure.

Lastly, the way the author fundamentally explores how to undergo through personal transformation; people who fight most become successful. It is noteworthy that for one to achieve anything in life there must be commitment and some sense of perseverance and courage. In my opinion, I suppose that the article is reasonably interesting because I have learnt that human beings have learnt that personality transformation is a long process. It entails numerous ideas. One must be steadfast, blissful, fervent, and determined to achieve the eventual goal.

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