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Multiple Intelligences

Exceptional Cognitive Learning Styles

Howard Gardener is considered the founder and the pioneer of the multiple intelligence theory. The fundamental principle of his work states that every person has exceptional cognitive learning styles. These styles are normally not taken into account in the usual educational settings. Gardener’s multiple intelligence theory features eight unique conduits of learning (Plotnik & Kouyoumdjian, 2011). Comprehension of the Gardeners’ multiple intelligence has enhanced my understanding of the unique cognitive functions and contributed to my education. According to Gardener, persons demonstrate potential in one or more multiple intelligences: logical/ mathematics, visual/spatial, verbal/linguistic, body/kinetic, musical, intrapersonal, naturalist or interpersonal.

Majority of educational circumstances are deeply concentrated on either linguistic/verbal or mathematical/logical style, whereby the theory is important. These multiple intelligences assist students like me who possess a varied mode of cognitive function while dealing with different subjects. Many people have high knowhow levels in several spheres of multiple intelligences. However, usually, one has an exceptional aptitude in only one particular field.

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Linguistic/verbal intelligence is exemplified by talents in reading, communication, and writing words. Mathematical/logical intelligence is characterized by exceptional reasoning skills and strong ability to manipulate; one with such type of intelligence has a perspective of viewing things in an organized manner. Spatial/visual intelligence is common in people who are good at everything that revolves around visualization and pictures. Musical intelligence is featured in people who are talented in music rhythms, composing, and singing. Interpersonal intelligence is related to persons who succeed in group work. When working with others, they are empathetic and highly comprehend the motivation of others. Kinesthetic/body intelligence is seen in persons known as ‘hands on’. They are experts in using their body, in making and tackling projects such as models, performing surgery, and acting in a play. Intrapersonal intelligence is characterized by ability to understand one’s own motivation, personal reflection, talents, and capacity to succeed. Naturalist intelligence was added only in 1996 to the existing list. An individual with the naturalistic ability is talented in everything connected to nature (Plotnik & Kouyoumdjian, 2011).

The Gardener’s consciousness of multiple intelligence theory has stipulated me as a student to search for better ways of improving my classroom performance. A good lesson that involves team work should be organized in manner that will suit people with different intelligence types. This is the initial milestone. Group assessment after every particular period is also important as every person can express opinions in his or her own way. Having understood Gardener’s theory of multiple intelligences, I am now able to manage my studies more appropriately, to learn in several ways, and to explore. I am able to appreciate my strengths as well as identify real world behaviors that will incite more learning.

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