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Article critique writing is a multi-faceted assignment, so it is clear why college and university professors frequently ask their students to do it. It requires thorough reading of the article, full understanding of the discussed topic, proper identification and evaluation of the sub themes, etc. Moreover, one has to be completely aware of the guidelines as to how to do an article critique to be able to create an insightful, objective and coherent paper. In case such an assignment seems too complicated to you, remember that reliable article critique services can be of great help.

It is worth admitting that article critique services are something students really need if they feel that they might not be able to cope with the task on their own. Our agency is one of those, which you can rely on to get expert assistance and generous support. We know what writing an article critique implies and are ready to help you handle the assignment efficiently. Our number-one priority is our customers’ satisfaction, so we work 24/7 and spare no effort to provide them with high-quality services.

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Article Critique: What Is It and How to Do It Properly?

In order to understand how to write an article critique, one should first figure out what it is and what the very process involves. So, writing an article critique is more than simply summarizing the assigned reading. This type of papers also requires you to analyze, evaluate, and interpret the article, drawing on relevant background information. A good article critique elaborates on the central argument of the article, analyzes the style of writing and its appropriateness for the target audience. Another matter to consider is the organization and coherence of the text, as well as credibility and usefulness of the discussion. In addition, when criticizing someone else’s work, you have to identify the author’s bias and, if applicable, research limitations.

To succeed in creating this type of academic writing, one should be able to do critical thinking. One needs to know what techniques to use to convince readers of the correctness of one’s opinion and what research methods to use to gather some additional evidence if required and distinguish between valid and invalid data.

We have prepared a complete guide to help you understand how to write an article critique. It covers the major writing steps and structural peculiarities. However, before you start reading this guide, bear in mind that our writing service is here for you. We know how to critique an article in the right way and provide readers with a solid and objective work.

Detailed Instructions as to How to Write an Article Critique

This assignment is rather challenging with numerous hidden pitfalls. No wonder that so many students decide to look for a good online writing service to get a helping hand from a true pro. To help you avoid confusion as to how to critique an article, we suggest paying attention to the table drawn below:

Stages Description

Read the Article

Read it carefully a few times to fully understand what it is about.  Then, determine the thesis statement, target audience, validity of arguments, etc.

Make Notes

Jot down the details, which you find both important and interesting. The collected information will help you write a good paper.

Prepare an Article Critique Outline

Convert your notes into an outline. It will serve you as a great tool for producing a consistent paper.

Analyze the Article

Determine whether the author’s ideas are connected logically and whether his/her opinion is objective. Assess the used language and the used sources.

Write an Article Critique

Write your paper according to your research article critique outline.  Be objective and clear.

Bookmark this algorithm as to how to write an article critique not to get confused when it’s time to do the task that requires analyzing articles. In case of troubles, use the writing service provided by Our pros know how to critique an article of any kind in detail. Of course, you may find an example of an article critique online, but do not rely on it a lot since you never know whether it is of good quality.

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How to Do an Article Critique Structure

A critique of articles usually has the following structure. You may structure your work in the same way unless otherwise is specified.

  • Introduction. It should provide the background data about the wok under analysis and highlight the author’s viewpoint. Additionally, it has to include a thesis statement the major function of which is to illustrate the value of the article or the methodology in case it goes about a research article.
  • Summary. It has to present the core idea of the work under examination and the main arguments.
  • Critique. This section should provide the strengths and weaknesses of the work you are to evaluate. Here, you are to talk about the accuracy of the information provided in the journal article or that of any other type.
  • Conclusion. Its function is to summarize the fundamental points of the article and provide suggestions for further research (if any).

If it’s still complicated to for you to get a clue about what data each section should contain and how it has to be presented, you may either seek a sample of an article critique or use our writing service. The latter option seems to be much more attractive than the former.

How to Write a Research Article Critique Paper

Knowing how to write a research article critique paper is necessary for several reasons.

  1. To begin with, current research is always built on the basis of earlier research, therefore, when working on their own papers, students have to define what was discovered before, including empirical evidence or theories. In other words, students should apply the evidence theory to check the accuracy and relevance of other researchers’ findings.
  2. Apart from that, when analyzing articles, one should think how they can contribute to one’s own research and support one’s own thesis.
  3. Finally, when summarizing articles, students have to focus on the information that is related to their research question and findings.

As to the sections, which a research article critique should include, they are:

  • Introduction
  • Research methods
  • Results
  • Discussion, conclusion, or suggestions
  • Abstract (summary)

Still feel overwhelmed as to how to write a research article critique paper? Consider the found sample of an article critique completely helpless? Refer to our academic writing service.

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