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Set Yourself Apart with Your “Why I Want to Be a Lawyer” Essay

The profession of a lawyer has always carried a certain prestige with it. It’s not for nothing that it’s a top pick as your parent’s top career of choice for you. Certainly, the countless lawyer TV shows have brought some popularity to the job as well. Our expert writers have answered most frequent questions you might have, so you can see if the job is all it’s cracked up to be and decide whether writing a “why I want to be a lawyer” essay for your law school application is the right choice for you.

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Why Study Law? The Crucial Question for The Major Choice

The key question you need to answer before starting to write your “why I want to be a lawyer” essay is “why become a lawyer?”. Fortunately, you don’t have to look further than the list our writers have helpfully prepared!

  1. Law is fascinating. Almost everything we do in our day-to-day life is governed by law and you will be in the know of how our society functions.
  2. You’ll make a difference. Lawyers are a force of change in our society and what could be more attractive as a job than that?
  3. Competitive salary. It’s common knowledge that lawyers are well-paid. They put in long hours as well, but it’s all worth it.
  4. It’s challenging and rewarding. Lawyers always need to find answers to complex ethical, moral, and even philosophical questions, so the challenges are constant, but so are the rewards.
  5. Status and prestige. Despite some negative or jealous jokes, people understand the vital role layers play in our society and people will treat you accordingly.

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Reasons to Become a Lawyer. The Practical Side

Now that we’ve covered more abstract pros of the law, let’s get to the practical reasons to be a lawyer, so you are sure to have a solid foundation and understanding of the job for your “why I want to become a lawyer” essay.

  • Specialization options. There are many areas lawyers can choose to specialize in, so you can pick the area that speaks to you and find an ideal role for yourself.
  • Advancement options. You can choose to go the law firm route, or open your private practice, become a professor, district attorney, and even a judge.
  • Diverse work environments. You can work at a law firm, a nonprofit, a government agency, a corporation, etc. The options are there for you to choose from.
  • Mobility. You don’t need to be tied to any city or even country, for that matter. You can pick and choose which city you want to live and work in, provided you have the license.
  • Transferable skills. If you decide to switch jobs, your knowledge can be applied in mediation, management, writing, academia, etc.
  • Flexibility. You can set your own hours, decide on your fees, and choose the types of clients you want to work with.
  • Self-confidence. If you lack confidence, becoming a lawyer might just be the perfect cure. You’ll learn how to hold yourself better, speak confidently, and get your point across easily.

Skills Needed For a Lawyer, What Are They?

Being a lawyer requires you to have various soft and hard skills that are both unique to the job and transferable. Besides, lawyers need to be technically savvy as well, as they use various devices, software programs, scheduling apps, and communication tools on a day-to-day basis. Let’s brush up on your knowledge of skills for a lawyer, so you can mention which ones you already possess in your “why I want to be a lawyer” essay.

  • Analytical and research skills. You need to be able to do deep research on topics related to your cases. Additionally, you’ll have to analyze details pertinent to the case. Let’s not forget that you’ll be going through hundreds of pages of documentation as well.
  • Organizational skills. Lawyers’ workload is legendary, so you need to be able to keep track of all documents, meetings, appointments, and other files.
  • Attention to detail. Is crucial to a lawyer’s job, independent of their area of practice. You’ll have to spot minor and seemingly insignificant details in witness testimony, and other types of data related to your cases.
  • Persuasive communication. Requires you to relate to others in order to find the pain points of the people you need to sway. It’s the key skill in achieving a positive outcome for your client.
  • Interpersonal skills. You’ll be working with a variety of people including your clients, colleagues, and other professionals. Knowing how to connect with others, interpret their emotions, and provide support will bring you major benefits for your career.

You might have other questions regarding whether being a lawyer is the right fit for you, so our team of expert writers has answered some potential questions you might also have.

What Degrees Do You Need to Be a Lawyer: the Options


A lawyer needs to have a bachelor’s degree and then a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association, so they can be qualified to pass the bar exam and practice law afterward. Some of the suitable bachelor majors include:

Criminal Justice/Criminology
Political Science

 How Long Does It Take to Become a Lawyer: the Timeline

There is only an approximate answer to the “how long does it take to be a lawyer?”question, as it all depends on where you start and how fast you want to get to the finish line. Some people already have some experience in the field thanks to their work as a paralegal or a legal secretary. If that’s the case for you, then your “why I want to become a lawyer” essay should have plenty of things to show off.If you are following the bachelor’s, then J.D. route, the usual timeline is seven years: four for your undergraduate degree followed by three years of law school. Although your career starting point is successfully passing the bar exam, so make sure to prepare accordingly.

Is Law School Hard? Depends!

How hard is law school? That is one of the key questions to consider when deciding whether you want to write the “why do you want to be a lawyer” essay. As you might know from numerous lawyer shows, it’s not easy. Although as with all majors, it all depends on your attitude, motivation, and willingness to successfully reach the finish line. The main difficulty is that you have to do a lot of reading and memorizing the material won’t cut it. You have to think critically and practically all the time, so make sure you are up for that challenge.

Is Law School Worth It? Definitely!

We might have another answer to “is being a lawyer worth it?” or “is becoming a lawyer worth it?” questions, but the law school itself offers you unique skills, qualities, and experience you won’t get elsewhere. Going through the application process and writing a “why do I want to be a lawyer” essay can be even worth the trouble for the benefits you get. It’s not for nothing that the expression “thinking like a lawyer” exists. Even if you choose not to practice law, the ability to go through a great amount of reading and pick out the necessary information, the critical thinking, and problem-solving skills you get will help you enormously in your adult life. As a bonus, you’ll always feel protected by your knowledge of the law and your rights, which is already a lot to have.

How to Get Into a Top Law School: Get Your Timeline Right

If you are thinking about going to a law school, the better phrasing would be how to get into top law school. Fortunately (or not) the solution is mainly in the numbers. Here are the four key things you need to have.

  1. Solid GPA. It’s a huge factor, so the closer you are to that 4.0, the better.
  2. High LSAT score. Some law schools prioritize this score over other factors, so the 170s should be your goal.
  3. Excellent letters of recommendation. This will offer an outsider’s perspective on your personality, so choose wisely. Of course, getting an alumnus to write you one can be a deal-breaker.
  4. Unique application essay. The only personal part of your application packet, so make sure the “why do you want to become a lawyer” essay can give goosebumps to its reader.

When thinking about which schools you want to apply to, check the rankings first and see which ones are within your reach and which ones would be your top choice. Consider their locations and loan programs they offer, as it’s better to be realistic about the financial part.Law schools have a rolling application cycle, so the earlier you apply, the better. It will show your determination about your career choice and give you a better chance to be accepted. We recommend submitting your application within the September-November timeframe, ideally before Thanksgiving.

While the score question fully depends on your academic results, our writers can definitely offer you some tips on how to write a captivating “I want to become a lawyer” essay below.

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Tips For an Outstanding “Why I Want to Be a Lawyer” Essay

Contrary to most application packets, your GPA and LSAT score will be the most important part of your application and will speak for you the most. Nevertheless, having an original “why I want to be a lawyer” essay is still crucial for your application. It’s a great chance not only to speak for yourself in your own words but also to demonstrate how you already possess the persuasive communication and analytical thinking skills that are critical for a lawyer.

The peculiarities continue, as there is no universal answer for how long should a law school personal statement be. Make sure to check the admissions page of all law schools you’ll be applying to for their preferred length. Usually, it’s between two and four pages and there are no prompts for you to follow either. On top of that, you are generally allowed and sometimes encouraged to submit additional essays. That’s a diversity statement to describe how you can contribute to the school’s diversity and an addendum if you need to explain some weaknesses in your school records, low or different test scores, unexplained absences, etc.

As you probably will have weeks if not months to think about and draft your “why I want to be a lawyer” essay, let’s see what things you should and should not include in the personal statement.


  • Adjust each application essay to the school you are applying to.
  • Choose a unique topic that is personal to you.
  • Make your first paragraph especially interesting.
  • Keep it simple and brief.
  • Incorporate the information that will set you apart.
  • Proofread, multiple times.

Do not:

  • Choose a role to play, particularly a lawyer or a judge.
  • Use clichés or become one.
  • Retell your life story chronologically.
  • Explain the discrepancies in your application.
  • Cover controversial topics.
  • Use lawyer jargon.

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Law School Application Help That’s Quick and Easy to Get

The law school application process, with all its specifics, is an extremely stressful task to undertake, even if it’s not your first time jumping through the necessary hoops to get picked by your school of choice. Add to that the insane pressure of getting the highest LSAT score possible, and you have a perfect combination for a nerve-wracking couple of months at best. Here’s where considering getting help with law school application might be the right choice for you. Our qualified writers make it their job to handle all the peculiarities of the “why I want to be a lawyer” essay, and they can do it with the ease and professionalism of an expert. We’ve lent a helping hand to hundreds of students seeking help with law essays, so we can guarantee that yours will be handled with the utmost care, attention, and dedication possible, so you can safely take care of your LSAT preparation or simply take a break and forget your worries altogether for a while.

Law school personal statement writing service here for you 24/7

Our law school personal statement service always strives to ensure that you have a smooth and pleasant experience whenever you decide to seek out help. Here’s a short and comprehensive guide whether it’s your first time with us or you simply want to make sure you don’t skip any steps. Our 24/7 support staff will be delighted to help you out in case you have any questions for them as well.

  1. Click on the order form and select all the necessary options for your order, attach the relevant files, notes, and comments you want your writer to check.
  2. Choose a convenient payment method you want to use, so we can start looking for the most suitable writer for your order.
  3. When your writer is done with the final draft, our team of editors will check it for any kind of mistakes and make sure it’s plagiarism-free.
  4. Your personal statement will be waiting for you to download it on your personal page when your chosen deadline is up!

Even if our order process is quick and easy to follow, our whole staff works tirelessly to make sure your personal statement is nothing short of perfect. With so many crucial things to accomplish on your plate, why not let professionals share your burden a little and get the support you need to get into your top school of choice? We’re always here for you!

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