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Why I Want to Be a Doctor: How to Write a Thought-Provoking Essay 

This article may help prospective students fulfill medical school admission requirements without any impediments. You have to create a decent application essay embedded into a highly motivational personal statement. In other words, your goal is to write a thought-provoking why I want to be a doctor essay. There is no room for failure if you want to impress the admissions committee and be enrolled at the desired institution. If you cope with this task, professors in charge of your skills’ assessment will invite you to the next stage of the academic interview. Your admission essay has to provide crucial insights into your scope of knowledge, skills, and dignified strivings related to your role in healthcare.

The process of composing why do you want to be a doctor essay can reflect various challenges primarily due to the pressure of high responsibility of the task. The controversy is that you surely know why you have chosen healthcare-oriented profession, but the fear of failure hinders a natural flow of your thoughts. It is especially intimidating for beginners (who have just graduated from high school) when you have to wrap all your ideas and reflections into certain academic boundaries, moving towards the upper level. In this case, you have to keep calm, as frustration never helps. You can simply practice writing your medical school admission essay several times before you see the most polished version.

Our academic writing experts expressed their thoughts on the benefits of becoming a doctor, as well as prepared valuable hints on medical compositions.

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Main Benefits of Being a Doctor

The profession of a doctor has been regarded a cherished choice for centuries. Among the common benefits of being a doctor is the awareness that medical workers are lifesavers, so they are perceived almost as saints. Although being a doctor is noble and selfless, it is one of the most challenging career choices. In any case, many people would like to accept this challenge, as it is both benevolent and prestigious to work in healthcare. Thus, competition in the medical field is always high.

If you firmly decided that you are ready for your forthcoming achievements in medical school, then you have to do your best to boost the related skills. Yet, as long as you are only a student, your main focus ought to be on writing – you will acquire all the necessary practical skills in the process of studying. If to delve into statistics of medical students’ overall success, the truth is that not everyone endures this sophisticated educational path to the end. Earning a medical degree with excellent marks is almost impossible, as such a profession does not tolerate mistakes, which can be fatal in the real-life circumstances. Hence, you have to get mentally prepared to the incessant challenges on your way. Being a doctor is never synonymous to leading typical lifestyles. A doctor’s routing life is not as easy as normal people. You will not have normal fixed schedules, as you will have to go to work anytime your patients need you or when some emergencies occur.

Medical college education is only a transition phase, as you will start getting more serious tasks during your internship. You will work in real hospitals under the supervision of competent doctors. Yet, for a start, you need merely strong ambitions, individualized reasons to become a doctor, motivation to help others, and profound concentration on your education.


The Scope of Doctor Responsibility

There is no exaggeration in saying that doctors are deities on Earth. They heal our wounds and save our lives every day. As you chose this profession, you can list the fundamental skills needed to be a doctor. We will remind you of the main ones just in case:

  • According to the ancient Hippocratic oath, a doctor has to do no deliberate harm to any of the patients.
  • An interesting issue is that a genuinely altruistic doctor ought not to refuse to help others no matter their financial abilities.
  • Not everyone can possess the required skills to work in healthcare, especially as a doctor whose authority is highly estimated. If you lack empathy towards others or ask yourself “Is being a doctor worth it?”, then it is unlikely that you can cope with all those important life-saving duties, which is to be accurate and effective.
  • In terms of the major doctor and patient ethics, doctors must be always good-mannered and delicate, especially in relation to severe cases.
  • Diseases cause immense frustration, and doctors always play roles of part-time psychotherapists, as effective treatment is only possible when patients keep calm. Thus, a diligent doctor should reflect an exemplary encouragement, so that patients would believe that their lives are in good hands.
  • Doctors have to possess up-to-date information regarding the available medication, the prices for surgical operations in demand, and governmental healthcare schemes. Patients have to be always informed on their issues in a proper way. It is particularly important to the poor patients who might lack knowledge and sources to get relevant data on time.

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Valuable Hints to Compose a Gripping ‘Why I Want to Be a Doctor’ Essay

If a thought “Is becoming a doctor worth it?” does not come across your mind, as your life goal is to help people, then you have to definitely follow your dream and apply to the sought-after medical school. Anyway, it is perfectly normal to be worried about the quality of your writing because you do not want to fail. Luckily, you can request assistance from – our experts have written thousands of medical college applications and all of them were successful! However, if you want to test your own skills and describe what inspired you to become a doctor independently, then you can order only editing help to make the best version of your paper.

  1. Explore Your Target Audience and Define Your End Goals

    Even if you only begin creating medical school application essay, you have to keep the end goal in mind. It is also vital to anticipate the expectations of your target audience. In the case of the application composition, your audience is the academic committee who has the authority to decide your subsequent educational fate.

  2. Tell your audience about your views on the main doctor responsibility and perception of the selected profession

    Employ sufficient arguments and appropriate terms to portray your vision of medical career you might be part of. It is also favorable to amalgamate some creative elements into your personalized reasons to be a doctor.

  3. Make certain that your essay for medical school admission has proper structure

    Although this type of essay is not academic research, it is to be structured in a convenient way, so that your readers would perceive your ideas fruitfully. The simplest structure you can use consists of an introductory part, body paragraphs, and a concluding part. Well-organized paragraphs facilitate readability of your ideas. A small tip: when generating a conclusion, it is beneficial to embed an attention-grabbing statement. It will help your target audience be focused on your main intention.

  4. Practice sketching the frameworks for exam essays

    If you want to succeed in why I want to be a doctor personal statement, you can practice writing essays on the related topics in the medical field. We suggest that you choose subject matters, which can be potentially viewed on exams.

  5. Do not go off-topic

    When you start delving into the structural elements of personal statement for medical school, you will see certain word count limits. For instance, the most typical application essay requirement reveals a 5,300-character limit. The most important thing is to consider that it includes spaces. Therefore, such a composition is not lengthy at all. It encompasses about one single-spaced page. Its succinctness makes your task even more challenging because there is no room for fillers and unnecessary information. Hence, you have to do your best to make your essay as enticing as possible. It has to revolve around your motivational factors and unambiguous reasons for choosing healthcare-focused career. You will have to elucidate why you have enough skills and knowledge to become an efficient physician.

  6. The art of editing and proofreading

    When you complete your first draft, do not hasten to submit it on the website as the final application form. Even if the context of your why I want to be a doctor essay seems to be impeccable, you might not notice some grammar mistakes, especially when having a surge of inspiration. So, you ought never to get the editing stages to polish your work and make it ready even for the strictest professor’s evaluation.

    Indeed, this one page of an admission essay takes quite a lot of your time and efforts, but it can be rewarded in the end. The expectant reward is an enrollment at a medical college that would initiate your destiny as a doctor. An insightful description of your empathetic mindset and understanding of modern healthcare is the right bonus that guarantees success.

Learn to Respond to the Common Interview Question: "Why Do You Want to Be a Doctor?"

As you already understand, despite your determination to become a doctor or play any other important role in the healthcare sector, you have to invent some unique personal strategy to impress the committee. Your major goal at the essay submission stage is to surpass other applicants. It can be a mere matter of lack, but you also know your strong points, which you can jot down before writing your first paragraph. Ponder on all your associations of medical career and all your personal qualities, which would help you become a good physician.

The subsequent list of doctor qualities can also be a part of your Why I Want to Become a Doctor essay outline. The most advantageous thing is that once you explore this topic, you can always add other perspectives when presenting your determination at an advanced level. The following statements can serve as micro samples for your future works of this kind.

  1. A diligent medic is to be as attentive as possible, as any slight carelessness can cost human life.
  2. A person ought to have strong altruistic skills and perfect memory to become a doctor.
  3. Healthcare education is pricy, so if you do not win a scholarship, you will have to evaluate your financial abilities before applying for a medical school.
  4. A doctor ought never to discriminate any patients on the basis of their cultural, religious, and financial background.
  5. Every doctor has to be honest regarding the patient’s diagnosis, but he or she has to choose the right words not to evoke shock in a patient if the disease is lethal.
  6. A doctor has the authority, so every suggestion he or she makes is to be grounded on scientific research of the recommended medication.


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Why I Want to Be a Doctor Essay – Common Mistakes to Avoid

Just imagine how many medical application essays have been written so far. So, if everyone started their composition with words “My main goal is to help people”, the committee would simply be bored. So, while the question “Why do you want to be a doctor?” can remain common, the responses to it has to be versatile and original.

Consider typical mistakes of responding to why I want to be a doctor essay question and try to avoid them in your writing:

  • Do not deviate from the topic you have chosen. Always remember about the limited word count, which ought to stimulate you to express only the necessary thoughts. Do your best to stay on track, make your ideas flow easily and wittily.
  • Do not buy into the “beauty” of cliches. Some cliches can sound quite sentimental, even sincere, but they are too common and overabundant. Hence, we recommend that you avoid sentences, such as “I have wanted to become a doctor since my conscious childhood” or “I have been always interested in healthcare…” You ought not to be afraid of experiments as long as they fit the overall goal of the medical career. Unusual perspectives are your trump cards.
  • Do not sound too proud. Even if your educational achievements are decent at this stage of your life, you have to write about them modestly. You ought not to lower your skills, and you ought not to sound too boastful. The balance is what you need.
  • Get rid of all the redundant sentences. Repeating some facts about yourself or doubling your visions in discrepant paragraphs might create a negative impression that you do not have much to tell both about yourself and your knowledge. Avoid sounding vague and unsure.

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