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Gang Violence

Every person is looking for his or her place in a society, whether it is a family, a school or a workplace. Though most of us manage to become a part of this world, some individuals still fail to do that. Thus, together with poverty it is the most frequent reason for such people to join gangs. When it is impossible to acquire status in society via legitimate means, such personalities resort to illegitimate ones.

To understand such individuals we should answer the question why they come in on gangs. It should be admitted that the most liable to gang involvement segment of people is teens. They have more vulnerable psyche and they often feel that parents do not understand them that is why it is highly important for them to be full-fledged members among their peers or to have friends to share innermost thoughts with. Most have no problems with this, but those who have, are at risk of skipping school, using drugs and, finally, committing crimes. Apart from teenagers, there is another group of people who are prone to gang involvement. They are social minorities, more frequently – Hispanics and African-Americans. The problem is that they are more likely to live in disadvantaged communities and to be socially and geographically isolated. By joining gangs such groups hope for social support and acquiring some place in society.

Criminal groups grow from year to year. According to FBI statistics the number of gangs in the USA is 33, 000 or 1,4 million members as of 2013. The National Gang Threat Assessment informed that about 48 percent of violent crimes were committed by gangs in most jurisdictions and in some areas it ran up to 90 percent. It cannot last any longer. Sure, the easiest way is to blame gangs for all the criminal acts happening every day. But one should give a thought about the reasons that spur people on to criminal actions and maybe we are all somehow responsible for such actions by being indifferent towards some individuals.

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