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Guide to Different Types of Assignments


An essay is a short written piece on a particular topic. These written pieces can be any one of a number of different types, e.g., an analytical, expository, informative, narrative or persuasive essay. uses a standard format for writing an essay. Place an order and add your paper requirements in order to get the essay you need.

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The basic structure of an essay is as follows:

  • Title or cover page (no additional cost)
  • Introduction paragraph (with a thesis sentence/statement)
  • Main body paragraphs
  • Conclusion paragraph
  • Reference (citation) pages (free-of-charge)


Write an Essay Classification Essay Argumentative Essay Cause and Effect Essay Narrative Essay Personal Essay

Term Papers

On completion of a course, students are normally asked to write and submit term papers. These assignments are designed to show how much a student has learned about a particular subject. They differ from research papers insofar as they do not require extensive research in order to complete them. As is the case with other types of academic papers, term papers must have a main point or idea, which is usually included in the final stages of the introduction paragraph.  


Term Paper

Research Papers

If one is to write a high-quality research paper, it is important that only the most respected sources are used. This helps ensure that any topic-related information or data you provide is reliable. Furthermore, it is essential you understand how to collect any required materials, analyze them, and organize them so that the final paper is correctly written and complete. You will certainly need sufficient time to write a good paper because it is essential your work is based on solid facts rather than empty rhetoric. The primary purpose of a research project is to both provide the reader with the results of any work that was previously undertaken in a given field and to use the information and arguments you collect to support your own stance or viewpoint.

The basic structure of a research paper is as follows:

  • Title or cover page (free-of-charge)
  • An introduction paragraph and a review of related literature
  • Description of your research methods or techniques
  • An analysis of any information you collected
  • Your research findings or results
  • A section devoted to discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Reference or citation page(s) (no additional cost).

It is important to state that some research papers do not require all the elements described above. Essentially, you should adhere to any guidelines provided by your professor. This will ensure you end up with a high-quality paper with all the required parts.


Research Paper

Book Reports: Main Features

A book report is a written piece that presents a comprehensive analysis of a given book from a specific viewpoint. A book report is quite similar to a book review. The former type, however, summarizes a given book while the latter type assesses the content of a book. When writing book reports, it is important to discuss the primary characters, the plot, the main idea, and its thesis.  


Book Report

Book or Movie Reviews

It is essential to note that a book review is not the same thing as a book summary. Its aim is to critically analyze a given book or movie. In order to write a good-quality personalized review, the writer needs to make optimum use of their best writing and analytical skills.   

The basic components of a book or movie review are as follows:

  • Title of book and name of author, movie director and/or main cast members.
  • Brief paragraph summing-up the book’s plot i.e. a short discussion on the main problem.
  • The paper’s main body. In this section, you need to provide some commentary on the book or the movie you are analyzing. Recommend whether you think readers should read the book or watch the movie.


Book Review Writing


There are a number of different assignments (e.g. essays, term papers, reports, and so on) that fall into the category of coursework, and they are often given to students at the end of term. These assignments are designed to demonstrate how well a student is able to digest and analyze a subject covered in class, as well as providing their opinion on it. 

Research Proposals and Their Structure

The basic components of a research proposal are as follows:

  • Title or cover page (no additional cost)
  • Abstract (no additional cost)
  • Contents page (no additional cost)
  • Introduction paragraph
  • Review of relevant literature
  • Short analysis of the paper’s central question
  • Methodology chapter (i.e. description of the methods used)
  • References page/list (no additional cost)
  • Appendices, if required. 

It is a common practice to use the exact same format for a research proposal as you would for your dissertation. Nonetheless, the writing style is a little different. You should use the future tense when writing a proposal since the work has not yet been completed. However, you do need to use the present tense when discussing the objectives of your paper and the past tense once the research work is complete.


Great Research Proposal

Annotated Bibliographies

A paper’s bibliography is a list of every source used to research or investigate a topic. Sometimes bibliographies are called “Reference Pages” or “Works Cited” pages. It all depends on the formatting or citation style you have been asked to use. Information such as the name of an author, a book’s title, publication date, and so on is often included in a bibliography entry.   

The annotation itself is a short summary of a citation. Therefore, annotated bibliographies provide the reader with a brief description of all sources used in a paper. Depending on the genre of assignment, an annotation can either summarize or analyze information or it may do both. 


Annotated Bibliography

Online Tests

The method used by for calculating the size and cost of online tests is based on the amount of questions – usually five questions to each page – or a 300-word count in the case of quizzes. This is a rule you should adhere to if the test you are involved in has multiple-choice or “true and false” type questions. If, for instance, you are ordering a ten-question test from us, you should submit a two-page order. 

When taking online tests, participants are sometimes asked to type in their answers. Therefore, you need to calculate the number of words that your answers will require to know what size order to place. For instance, where a test is comprised of thirty questions and each answer requires sixty words, you should order six pages. 


Online Test

Tasks that Involve Questions and Answers

Types of Assignments

  • Multi-choice questions: Here, test-takers need to complete sentences by choosing the right word.
  • Transformation-type questions: Alter or re-write first sentences so that they mean the same thing as second sentences.
  • Fill in gaps: Write complete sentences.
  • Cloze-type questions: This involves filling in gaps in a piece of text.
  • True or false type questions: Say whether you think a statement is true or is false.
  • Connecting-style questions: Connect words that mean opposite things.
  • Correction of mistakes: This task involves correcting any errors you find in sentences.
  • Open-style questions: Answer the questions provided in full.
  • Closed questions: Provide short answers to questions.

How to Calculate Multiple-Choice Question Orders

These should be calculated on the basis of five questions to each page.


Multiple Choice Questions Questions-Answers

Dissertations and/or Thesis Papers

The basic components of a dissertation or thesis are as follows:

  • Title or cover page (no additional cost)
  • Acknowledgement page (no additional cost)
  • Table of contents (ToC) (no additional cost)
  • List of tables and/or figures (no additional cost)
  • Abstract (no additional cost)
  • Introduction paragraph
  • Review of Literature chapter
  • Methodology chapter
  • Findings/results chapter
  • Conclusion paragraph
  • Bibliography (no additional cost)
  • Appendices (no additional cost)
  • Index/glossary (no additional cost)

Where the guidelines provided by your professor are specific, let your assigned writer know. Different sections may need to be added or left out depending on the instructions you provide. 


Dissertation: Introduction Dissertation: Hypothesis Dissertation: Literature review Dissertation: Methodology Dissertation: Results Dissertation: Discussion Thesis Proposal Thesis/dissertation chapter

Proofreading and Editing Services

Our proofreading service includes: 

  • Identification and correction of all mistakes
  • Ensuring sentences are correctly constructed
  • Formatting of essays and papers.

Our editing service includes the checking of:

  • Formatting and editing
  • Endnotes and footnotes
  • Capitalization, spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Abbreviations and acronyms
  • Italicized text, borrowed phrases, specific terminology
  • Figures, tables, outlines, and so on
  • Lists – wording, punctuation, numbering, parallel constructions
  • Redundancy and sentences that run-on
  • Passive/active voice
  • General structure of sentences
  • Incorrect or improper words
  • Racist or other inappropriate language
  • Cross referencing
  • Overall clarity of wording.
  • Transitions
  • Chapter headings/sub-headings
  • Writing and language style.
  • Overall structure of essay/paper
  • Information within tables and describing tables
  • Tables of content
  • Cover, title and copyright pages
  • Overall flow
  • Accuracy of references
  • Margin sizes
  • Headers, footers and page numbers
  • Technical accuracy of writing

This service does not include research work and writing.

Our rewriting service includes:

  • Paraphrasing full or partial texts and adding additional topic-related information, if required.
  • Correcting spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes.
  • Checking style and formatting elements.
  • Ensuring sentences are correctly constructed.


Proofreading Editing

Formatting Services

When we are asked to review the formatting of a customer’s paper, we check that the required style is properly used e.g. whether that style is APA, MLA, Chicago, and so on. Please note that this service does not include grammar checking or changes.    


Formatting Rewriting Revision

Excel File Services

Assignments like these usually involve mathematical tasks, solving equation problems, doing calculations, and so on. Please bear in mind that additional payment may apply to orders of this type, with much dependent on how complex an assignment is.    

PowerPoint Presentational Services

The cost of a PowerPoint presentation order is calculated according to the amount of slides required. Additionally, there is a special option on the order form for requesting speaker’s notes. Usually, we provide around 100 to 150 words of presentation notes when requested.  


Powerpoint Presentation

Case Studies

Case study assignments involve analyzing a given problem, recommending a number of solutions, and selecting the most suitable or feasible one(s). Additionally, solid arguments are needed to support the writer’s point of view.

Case studies are comprised of the following elements:

  • An introduction
  • Relevant background data/information
  • A choice of options
  • Strong factual information
  • Possible solution(s)
  • In-depth analysis
  • Description of any relevant personal experiences
  • Writer’s recommendation(s). 

How to Prepare a Case Study

Option to Request Drafts

You are welcome to ask to provide a draft so that you can check that your assigned writer is following the instructions you provided. Drafts are available after half the agreed deadline has been reached.  


Customers can ask for summaries to be provided with completed orders. We will provide a one-page summary of your entire paper, which we usually attach as a separate document.  

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