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Best Advice on Essay Scholarships for High School Juniors

People say that there is very little you can do about your life until you set your foot into the college door. However, we believe that it is not true and today we would like to talk about essay scholarships for high school juniors and tips on how to make things work. We are going to talk about preparatory steps, places to look for scholarships for high school and difference between scholarship for high school juniors and other types of scholarships.

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What Are the Scholarship Opportunities for High School Juniors?

There are numerous competitions that offer essay scholarships for high school juniors offering from $200 all the way up to $12K. And yes, in most cases, all you need is an application and an essay.

So here is our top 12 scholarship tips and advice for high school students who are looking for scholarships and funding.

  • Start Early (Preferably ASAP)

One of the things that differ college scholarships for high school juniors if the fact they have various deadlines and may be announced throughout the year with no special date. So the earlier you begin, the more information you can gather, meaning you will have more time to write an essay or submit your application. Some scholarship demand you make a presentation, write a book, compose a musical piece or write a proposal, so time is of the essence.

  • Organize Applications

We would recommend using a spreadsheet to keep track of all the scholarships you are interested in. First, write down all the offers and save the source where you have found this information (insert a link into the cell with the name or right next to it). Add the due date, so you can easily sort them by the upcoming dates, rather than manually look through.

Depending on the type of scholarship you plan to apply for, you might need to add columns with additional documents, essay topics, supplementary files, recommendations. This way you can see where to begin, what do you need to apply for each scholarship and what information are you supposed to provide. If there are several scholarships due around the same time with different requirements, choose those that offer more money or that are closely related to the subject of your interest. Color-code your spreadsheet so you could see what's urgent (red), upcoming (orange), filled (blue), rejected (grey) or approved (green). You may choose any other filters or colors as long as they work for you.

  • Write down Your Accomplishments

Prior to filling out applications, you need to list all your achievements. This will not only help you with the scholarship but will also prepare you for filling college applications and might help you notice weak spots in your resume.

Committees that make the decisions about scholarships will be looking for those who aim high, however, are realistic about their future and what can be achieved. If you have never won anything, focus on things that you are proud of: scores or other academic achievements, volunteering and community work, your talents or research projects.

  • Be Smart About Letters of Recommendation

It is extremely important to be objective and critical about your recommendations. Do they fit the profile of the scholarship? For example, submitting a recommendation from your Arts teacher while applying for a math scholarship is not your best idea, no matter how flattering the endorsement is. It should be relevant, honest and timely (do not submit a recommendation you got three years ago).

  • Pay Attention to Your Essay

If you were looking for scholarship essay advice, the best thing you will find is being honest. One of the worst things that drive people on the board crazy is that 'I'm super cool and perfect, I made so many things, you have to pick me' when no one actually asked for it. First, look at suggested topics. Chose the one you have strong feelings about, but also the one you can come up with a number of arguments, reasons or facts to appeal. Try to avoid extremely controversial subjects or those that might be treated as discrimination signs. If you are asked to pick a person (let us say as your role model) try to avoid someone well known, but do not say that you look up to your Grandpa unless you have a really good reason for it.

However, one of the greatest benefits of essay scholarships for high school juniors is the fact they give you a chance for scholarship regardless of your grades.

  • Edit and Proofread

Once you are done with your writing, let it sit on your table for at least a couple of hours. Then spend some time editing and proofreading your application and essay to ensure it is well written, has no mistakes, typos or tautology.

If you are not sure about certain parts, it might be better to rewrite them. If required, check your essay for plagiarism. If you have troubles doing that on your own, you can always opt for professional assistance from Go to order for, choose Editing and add Plagiarism check to it.

  • Apply Everywhere

The best thing about scholarship hunting is the fact you are not limited to one prize. You can apply to as many scholarships as you like as long as you comply with the requirements. This way you will be able to save money for college and, if you are lucky, get away from a student loan. Look carefully at your school's board, church board, browse websites, and consult local non-profits.

Pay special attention to scholarship with complicated requirements. The harder initial task is, the less competition you will get. And never underestimate the power of smaller scholarships. The lower number is, the fewer people will apply for them. And if you manage to get 3 to 5 small scholarships, you can easily beat those bigger ones.

  • Quality Rather than Quantity

Let us warn you that at first, applying for every single scholarship might seem like a good idea, you should never do that. First, you need to present your best work. Second, you will need time to prepare your application and make it perfect. Third, you have school to take care of, so you will need a lot of time to study.

It is better to apply for fewer scholarships, but turning the best work in. This way, you will not be embarrassed by yourself and will have higher chances of winning.

  • Make Copies

This habit will come handy later in college, but having a copy of every document that is related to studying or applying somewhere is vital. Not only will you be able to reach them in case something happens, but you will be able to use them further. We recommend using online cloud services, so if anything happens to your computer, you will have all your files online.

  • Take Breaks

It might seem like writing essays and filling applications is not the most complicated task on Earth, but give yourself time to rest between filling out those endless forms. First, you will be able to have rest and be more objective about things you write. Second, you will be better at editing.

  • Learn the Terms

Among all claimants for scholarship high school juniors can take up to 25% of them. However, before you apply to a certain scholarship, read the requirements and check whether you can apply.

  • Reward Yourself

Once you are done with application, essays, and submissions, spend some quiet time and reward yourself. You did a great job and deserve a treat.

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