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Bullying Essay Example

The Solutions on Bullying in Schools Today

Studying at school is an important part in children’s life that begins from their childhood and lasts till their teenage age. During this period, parents hear a lot of upset stories in which children of different ages have been victimized by bullying at school. Usually children do not have any choice about the school they are going to study at and, thus, they need parents support when things go wrong. But, it is not enough to solve the issue of bullying at schools only by parents. A parenting expert and family therapist, Meri Wallace suggests that “schools need to take a greater role in handling bullying” (2012, para.2). This paper discusses the solutions for parents that can prevent bullying at schools.

Nowadays, the schools take a position that provides more protection as well as support to both children and their parents. Bullying usually occurs in the territory that refers to the educational establishment, especially in the locker room, lunchroom, during breaks or outside the school building. The professionals, who are available in schools, have a real ability to diminish the occurrences of bullying.

Among efforts that can educate bullies and victims schools starts to implement special early-intervention programs to strive the issues of bullying in schools. According to the provided public school program “Stop Bullying Now”, both parents and school officials can identify the signs that are the indicators of a bullying problem (Chen, n.d.). There are three specific kinds of bullying (physical, verbal, and exclusive) that children and adults can identify to prevent violence and attacks. Physical bullying signs are often evident through kicking, hitting, choking, pushing, and punching. On the other hand, verbal bullying is visible by taunting, teasing, threatening, and hate speech.  At last, exclusive bullying is often seen through a less evident symptom. The example of this bullying is when bullies exclude the victim from the activities. In this case, it is not allowed to children to exclude other members from the play only because their personal ambitions.

To create positive social environment for toddlers and teenagers at schools, psychologists suggest some solutions for parents that can help avoid bullying in schools. Here are some practical safety solutions for parents:

1. Stop Yourself from Knee-Jerk Reactions. When a child tells his/her parents about bullying he/she saw or felt, it is an essential opportunity for a parent to present a victim the right way to be respectful and powerful in solving the issue. Firstly, it is necessary to calm down and ask the child to describe the way it happened because it helps to figure out the right way of solving the problem. Also, parents should remind their children that they deserve safe and comfortable studying at school. Older children do not need to hide such issue from them. Calm reaction on bullying will help to find the right solutions on solving this problem.

2. Get the Facts Right. It is very important to get a whole story about the issue instead of making conclusions based on the assumptions. It is also useful to ask other pupils who can be involved to that process. It helps to understand the real problem and the points that caused it. In such way it is much better to find the solutions to the problems when you know everything about the situation.

3. Pinpoint the Cause. Finding out the cause of bullying is an important task for both parents and school staff as it can help in providing actions that are aimed at preventing such issues in the future. In this case, classroom discussions among pupils and teachers about the motivation as well as effects of bullying are essential in the curriculum. Children and teenagers should understand the following: bullies are those pupils who have experienced the same ways of bullying themselves. Such kids feel powerless on weaker ones but, on the other hand, suffer from their low self-esteem. They try to enhance their self-esteem with the help of pupils whom they can easily control. It is necessary to admit that bullied children also suffer from misbalance they have. This education may help children become the partners in liquidating bullying in schools.

4. Protect the Child. Following the goal to protect the child should mean cooperative work by teachers, school principal, and parents to stop the issue of bullying. Professionals can teach the children the ways of right handling with bullies through role-plays or other techniques (Wallace, 2012). Acting out the roles of a bully, a victim, or a bully’s supporter will help pupils to understand how behave with bullies next time and get minimum suffering.

5. Prevent Future Problems. Every child deserves to be in emotionally and physically safe environment. Dealing with persecution is the same as living with pollution: one day it can undermine child’s health. It would be helpful to implement “age-appropriate programs that create a culture of respect, caring, and safety between young people rather than of competition, harassment, and disregard” (Zande, n.d., sol.5).

6. Get Help for the Child. Getting help can mean discussing the issue with other supportive adults who are able to listen to the problem. It also might mean talking with a therapist or counselors from the local school or other agencies.

7. Make this Problem into a Learning Experience. Upsetting experiences should not lead to the long-term damage. On the other hand, it can help young people to obtain the useful skills in preventing future bullying or protecting themselves from people with problematic behavior.

In conclusion, bullying has been a part of the society since its onset, and, thus, it will not disappear quickly or easily. But with the cooperative efforts of the parents, the children, and the schools studying at educational establishments can become a healthier and safer experience.

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