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Term Paper 

A term paper is a kind of essay writing that is assigned by the termination of the semester or the whole studying year in such higher educational establishments as universities, colleges, institutes, academies, schools, etc. the term paper serve as an assessment of the students' theoretical knowledge for the further development of practical skills. Term paper has an established checkpoint and requires the help of a supervisor during the entire process of writing. The student researches all the sources of information on his own. The supervisor only gives some tips how to use them in writing. Usually, term paper is printed to avoid difficulties of individual handwriting of every student.

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The students can choose the instructor among the list of professors recommended by the head of the faculty, cathedra or department of the educational establishment.

The student has a wide choice of the resources

This choice depends on the student's access to different types of information such as articles, books, videos, lectures of instructors, web-sites, periodicals, tapes, ready-made papers, etc. The supervisors recommend students to avoid excessive usage of ready-made papers and develop their own ideas. The good-written essay involves individual approach and interpretation of the information. However, instructors can hardly help with some term papers on accurate sciences such as programming, engineering or medicine. That is why instructors encourage independent writing not only on accurate but also on abstract sciences such as history, sociology, philology, etc. Nowadays, it is hard to check the real knowledge of the student and his or her writing skills. The great percentage of plagiarism often occurs in academic writing. However, not only students abuse the possibility to copy the material from others. The problem of exploitation of student's works by the supervisors is a burning issue of modern scientific world.

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