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100 Great Topics for Your Expository Essays (Bonus PDF)

An Expository Essay about Your College

While there are countless expository essay topics to choose from, writing an essay of this type about your college or university can be an excellent way of learning all about your new surroundings.

The best way to gather information for your essay is to talk to staff and other students. Their stories and quotes will make great supporting material for your paper. In addition to interviews, you should observe your surroundings. Go around with a notebook and write down your observations, even those things that touch your senses such as sound, smell, feel and so on. Watch how people interact and what they are saying. The best expository essays are based on personal accounts and vivid descriptions.

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Do as much research as possible. Learn all you can from the institution’s website and you might even find information on plaques throughout the campus, in the visitor’s center or at the library. Don’t be afraid either to look at previously written examples of expository essays for additional ideas or for guidance on writing styles.

Topic Ideas

Your College

  1. Explain what your college’s mascot is and its history.
  2. Give a detailed account of a particular memorial plaque or statue on your college’s campus. Describe the history of that marker and/or the event or person in whose honor it was installed or erected.
  3. How has your college changed since it was first established?
  4. Are there any memorable events or notable scandals in your college’s history?
  5. What is the best way to deal with rush?
  6. Are there any fraternities or sororities at your college and what is required to join?
  7. Tell your readers about a particularly interesting major your college specializes in.
  8. What sporting activities are available and what does one have to do to prepare for a particular game?
  9. What’s the best way of deciding which college to attend? Feel free to refer to a professional example of expository essay writing if you need more pointers.
  10. How does one go about applying for a college scholarship?
  11. What qualities are required to be a good roommate?
  12. What is the best way to stay healthy with mostly (or only) campus food for your diet?
  13. What is the best way to survive the first weeks of college life?
  14. Why do so many freshmen or newbies feel down or depressed?
  15. What does it take to win an election on campus?
  16. What should you take to college when you are leaving home?
  17. What is the best (and worst) ways to prepare for final exams?
  18. What would you do to help a friend who was feeling suicidal?
  19. Is there any reason why people should support less popular games or sports?
  20. What is the best way of funding college education without accumulating excessive debt?
  21. Choose an interesting campus building. Explain its history and how its name was derived.
  22. Describe the various methods students use to avoid study e.g. hanging out in local coffee bars.
  23. When you go to college, what are the best ways of letting go of your parents?
  24. What are the best ways for new students to choose college societies and activities?
  25. What are the best ways to avoid the “wrong” crowd at college?

Science and Technology

  1. How much do modern robots resemble real humans?
  2. How can nanobots be used and what are they?
  3. Why is autism increasing?
  4. Explain how Wi-Fi works.
  5. What is meant by electric clothing?
  6. As a person matures and ages, how does their brain develop and change?
  7. Explain what DNA is and how it is used to store data.
  8. Will Google Glass change our lives and how we live? What is it?
  9. Explain what climate change is.
  10. Explain who the Neanderthals were and whether you think humans ever mated with them.
  11. What psychological experiments did Stanley Milgram undertake in 1961 and why were the results so controversial?
  12. What is meant by a black hole and what is their importance?
  13. What impact might the 3D bio printer have on medicine? What is this device?
  14. How is obesity caused? If you need further guidance, you can always order a sample expository essay from
  15. What efforts are humans making to search for extraterrestrial life?
  16. How near are scientists getting to making fusion energy and what is it?
  17. Why are people in the West experiencing such an alarming increase in allergies and cases of autoimmune diseases? 
  18. What process is involved in making electronic music?
  19. How are modern inventions being spurred by space flight?
  20. How does vaccination work and how is the annual flu vaccine made?
  21. Explain what electronic paper is?
  22. Explain what allergens and allergic reactions are.
  23. Explain what bioengineering is and how it has changed people’s lives.
  24. Explain string theory.
  25. Alzheimer’s disease. What is it and how does it affect a patient’s brain?

Social Issues

  1. Define homelessness. What are the factors that lead to people becoming homeless?
  2. How is family life affected when a parent is addicted to meth?
  3. What prosecution process applies to people who commit crimes of rape or domestic abuse?
  4. Are children of single parents affected in any way in terms of nutrition, education or hygiene?
  5. What is an illegal alien and what is its life like?
  6. What are the effects of affirmative action in education and explain the method’s history?
  7. Define the terms discrimination and racism.
  8. Explain what is meant by sociology?
  9. How are law-breaking juveniles dealt with?
  10. Describe the US welfare system and its history.
  11. What are the main factors behind teenage pregnancy?
  12. Is there any real way of preventing bullying? This is a good option for anyone looking for expository essay topics that are currently being debated.
  13. How does the food stamp program work?
  14. Explain what is meant by peak oil.
  15. What causes women to remain with men who beat them?
  16. Why do teenagers run away from home?
  17. What is meant if someone is said to be living “below the poverty line?”
  18. What becomes of young people when they drop out of education?
  19. Explain the US foster care system and its history.
  20. Explain what the Salvation Army is and how it helps people in need.
  21. Why do you think some people are able to overcome a bad or abusive upbringing?
  22. Do you think interpersonal relationships are affected by social media?
  23. Do you think people of similar ability should be grouped in classrooms?
  24. What effect does closing public libraries have?
  25. How is medical treatment provided to people who do not have medical insurance?

Mental Health Issues

  1. Describe what is meant by a psychological disorder?
  2. What is OCD and how can it be recognized. Is there any way to overcome it?
  3. Explain art therapy and its history.
  4. Explain the term ‘entomophobia’
  5. How are people affected by acrophobia?
  6. Explain what cognitive behavioral therapy is. Who can benefit from it and why?
  7. How does one qualify as a therapist?
  8. How does a psychologist differ from a psychiatrist?
  9. What does a psychologist do?
  10. Why is depression increasing in the USA and what causes it?
  11. Is it possible to treat xenophobia – what is it?
  12. Explain what is meant by bibliophobia?
  13. Explain what is meant by heroism?
  14. Explain what schizophrenia is. What types are there and is the disease curable?
  15. How are families affected when they have a child with special needs?
  16. Explain what is meant by altruism?
  17. Describe the best method for reading and understanding a psychology journal article.
  18. Explain the repricocity rule.
  19. What does IQ mean and what score do you need to be classed as a genius?
  20. Explain what memory is.
  21. What is meant by right and left brain domination?
  22. Explain the effect known as the bystander?
  23. What are the four reasons given for people forgetting things?
  24. What are the personality development stages in children?
  25. Explain what experiential learning is.

Great Topics for Your Expository Essays



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