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Explaining the Critical Choice of Your Major in the Why Engineering Essay

It’s always a happy occasion when the major you choose aligns perfectly with your childhood dreams. Engineering is such a vast field that it most likely covers a passion you had when you were a child. Maybe you wondered how it is that a plane can fly, or how various machines work, or wanted to be an astronaut. People say all children had such questions and desires. If that dream has persisted throughout your life, then you’ve made a perfectly fitting choice and have the necessary passion to take up engineering major in your student life. Let’s see how you can put it into words for your Why engineering essay to be 100% sure you’re on the right path getting your degree in this fascinating field.

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Principal Characteristics of an Engineer

Wondering if you’ve made the correct choice of major and how to apply for it effectively? The first thing is to make a list of the main characteristics of a good engineer, which can help you make your Why engineering essay have a leg to stand on!

Let’s get the obvious hard skills out of the way. You certainly need them to succeed in the field, but they are only a part of the overall success. Engineering majors have to have curiosity, creativity, problem-solving skills, analytical and logical thinking, as well as a willingness to constantly learn new things. Yet, what will make you flourish at your job are your soft skills. You need to know how to be a good team player, how to accept and embrace feedback, and how to be adaptable and flexible. Ultimately, it’s your sharp leadership and communication skills that’ll help you rise to the top of your field.

Possible Career Paths in Engineering to Choose From

Degrees in engineering can open up a variety of career options for you as it’s quite a vast field. The question you need to ask yourself is “what are my engineering career goals?”. If you don’t have an answer yet, here are some possible pathways to lay the foundation for your Why engineering essay.

Civil or Structural Engineering

A specialization in civil engineering lets you design various infrastructure projects, such as buildings, bridges, roads, dams, and water supply systems. In this role, you’ll help solve such vital issues as housing, water conservation, and waste disposal. If you aim to make a change for society and help people make their life easier, the choice is perfect for you!

Aeronautical Engineering

This branch of the field studies the design, construction, and operations of any flying machine, including spacecraft! So, if you are passionate about flying machines and how they work under extreme conditions, this specialization will be an ideal choice!

Mechanical Engineering

This is one of the broadest engineering specializations you can choose. Mechanical engineers design, build, test, and maintain mechanical systems. It’s an excellent pick if you love fiddling with different devices or are fascinated by sustainable energy and AI.

Computer Engineering

Computer engineers have a part in developing the devices we use in our everyday life. They can work on the design, prototyping, development, and general operations of computer systems. If you’re more inclined to work with computers and have considerable computer science skills, look no further!

Top 3 Reasons to be an Engineer

If you’ve done any research on the topic, you know that almost half of engineering students eventually don’t complete their engineering degrees. And while there are many benefits of being an engineer, you need to weigh all the pros and cons to be sure of your choice before you begin working on your Why engineering essay. Let’s check the reasons why you should go for it!

  • You are fascinated by engineering. You have a genuine interest in everything related to STEM, so discovering and learning new concepts is all the motivation you need.
  • You’ll get to make a real impact in changing the world for the better. Most of the issues the world faces today (climate change, energy security, water availability, etc.) can be fixed with engineering solutions, and you’ll get to be a part of that.
  • Financial compensation. An engineering degree offers excellent employment options and is one of the top-paying job fields.

What does it Take to be an Engineer? A Roadmap to Success

What education is needed to become an engineer? Generally, getting your bachelor’s degree will suffice for most jobs. Make sure that the program you choose is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Once you complete your degree, you can take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam. With that out of the way, you’ll need to complete at least four years of engineering experience in order to take the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) examination and finally become a licensed engineer!

Top Skills Needed to be an Engineer

What skills do you need to be an engineer? It all depends on the job you choose. The engineering field offers many work opportunities for you to pick from. After a couple of years, when you’ve covered the basics, your program should offer you selective courses to encourage your further specialization. That’s where you get your hard skills and acquire the specific knowledge you need for your dream job. As always, it’s the hard skills that get you the position and the soft skills that help you move up your career ladder in the field!

The Answer to Your “How Long Does it Take to Become an Engineer?” Question

If you decide to stop at the bachelor’s degree level, you should be able to finish the program in four or five years. Note that engineering programs are notoriously difficult, so you might be in for a challenging but exciting ride. When writing your Why engineering essay, keep in mind that it might take you longer to complete your degree than your fellow students with an “easier” major. Still, the fruits of your labor will be that much sweeter.

Still Wondering “Is an Engineering Degree Worth It”?

If the “should I major in engineering?” question is still on your mind, let’s quickly check the pros and cons for a definite answer! On the cons side, there’s the difficulty of the major and a possibility that you might lag behind your peers by a year or two. That’s totally understandable.

On the pros side, there’s an argument you can’t really beat – you get to change the world while working on the cool stuff! You can contribute to the improvement of the society’s future by building robotic prosthetics, green railroads, faster planes, self-driving cars, and so many other impactful projects. Who wouldn’t want a job like that?

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Tips for a Catchy Why Engineering Essay

So, you’ve settled on your major and now you need to write your why I want to study engineering essay. The first step is to check the school’s guidelines for the personal statement in order to follow specific requirements and format it correctly. While the word limit varies, the average length is about 500 words, and you have to be concise. It can be challenging because you need to explain not only why you deserve the desired spot in the program, but also why they should pick you among hundreds if not thousands of other deserving candidates. With that in mind, show your engagement and interest in engineering and explain how your existing skills and experience can help you succeed in completing your degree. Here are some tips on how you can structure your Why engineering essay to better show your unique qualities.

  1. Your motivation. Start off by explaining why you are interested in the field and tell some illustrative examples for it.
  2. Your career goals. Write how your degree can help you make a change in the world.
  3. Your relevant experience. Spend a couple of paragraphs telling the personal stories you have related to the subject and what insights and achievements you have thanks to them.
  4. Your transferrable skills. Here you have the creative freedom to talk about how your hobbies, part-time jobs, or extra-curriculars helped you develop such skills as teamwork, time management, and leadership.


Dos and Don’ts of a Notable Engineering Personal Statement

Your engineering statement of purpose is one of the most important parts of your application packet. It can distinguish you from hundreds of other applicants or send you way down the admission board’s list due to the lack of originality. To avoid that horrible fate, make sure your Why engineering essay is personal, relevant to the purpose, and illustrative of your passion for the field, without using the usual clichés. Check our list of dos and don’ts to ensure your personal statement checks all the right boxes!

The Dos:

  • Mention extra-curricular activities. They don’t have to be necessarily engineering related, but anything that shows your technical aptitude, problem-solving abilities, as well as your ability to be a team player will be perfect.
  • Write about the relevant skills you have. Being an engineer means having creativity, curiosity, and the capacity to generate original ideas. Show your interest in knowing how things work. Have you ever built something from scratch or taken things apart and repaired them? Write about that!
  • Discuss your future plans and career goals. Engineering is a challenging major, so show that you are motivated enough to complete the degree by describing what you want to achieve with your degree, what your career goals are, and how you can contribute to making the world a better place.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t use clichés. The admission board doesn’t need to read yet another “I built my first computer” story. Have you used your engineering skills and mindset more recently? Write about that!
  • Don’t list your experiences without context. Just providing examples of how you would be suitable for your chosen major is not enough. You need to show how these experiences shaped you as a person and what exactly you’ve found interesting and useful in them.
  • Don’t ignore the school’s guidelines. Any school you choose should have the list of requirements for your Why engineering essay. Be sure to check and stick to them. Remember that you only need to use information relevant to your major, thus be sure to have your engineering stories and interests ready.

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Custom “Why Study Engineering” Essay

Writing an engineering personal statement is a difficult task. You need to have the right language that’s not too flowery and not too dry. Deciding what your unique experiences are relevant to your major and then not going overboard with personal details while staying true to your point is a demanding balancing act that not every student can succeed at. Don’t let that challenge bring you down. Our expert writers will use your notes to create a memorable essay that shows off your best qualities to ensure your application essay stands out from others. Place your order now and leave the intricacies of a notable personal statement to our professionals!

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