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A List of Topics for Your Gender Inequality Paper (Bonus PDF)

If you have received a task to write a paper on the gender-related matter but cannot choose a topic, the following list might be of much use for you. Read the suggested topics, and you will surely find the one that fits in with not only your assignment but also the interests. Here you go:

  • Gender-Based Inequality in the Modern American Society. You might discuss the theoretical explanation of gender-related discrepancies.
  • The War of Sexes. Here, it might be relevant to address the conflict that rises based on sex differences and the way they shape the outlook of both males and females.
  • Feminism: Irrational Fear of Males. The paper will have to expound on feminism, the way it is perceived by the society, and preconception people, specifically, men have about it.
  • History of Discrimination. The essay might be devoted to the evolution of patriarchy.
  • Female Image in Marketing. The way women are objectified for the sake of advertising should be discussed.
  • Language from a Gender Perspective. The analysis of the communication habits and the associated stereotypes could become the subject matter of a paper.
  • Household Chores Issues. The reasons why the equal division of household chores is an unreachable goal as of now.
  • Sexism and Misogyny. You should consider the reasons why these phenomena still exist these days and the ways of eliminating them.
  • Gender in Economics: Sex-Based Inequality in Remuneration. The paper should be devoted to the reasons for differences in payment that is provided to men and women for the same work done and offer potential solutions.
  • Female Empowerment through Organizations. You should discuss female agency and organizations that promote women’s rights and help to eliminate sexism.
  • Empowerment History. The paper should be about the history of feminist organizations and the contribution of each to the empowerment of females.
  • History of Feminism. This quite straightforward topic implies addressing the three waves of feminism, their purpose, characteristics, and achievements.
  • Gender and a Popular Culture. You should focus on the images on men and women in the popular culture, namely, their portrayal in films, television, etc.

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  • Disney Princesses as Role Models Young Females. The paper should be a discussion of the image of a girl that Disney animated films promote and how it affects kids.
  • Sexism in Creative Industries: Hollywood Case Study. You should pay attention to the role of a woman in filmmaking and/or the movies themselves.
  • Intersectionality in Feminist Context. The paper may concern the role of intersectionality in a community that has gender-related issues.
  • Patriarchy and Equality. You should talk about the phenomenon of patriarchy from different perspectives and implications of its existence on equality between the sexes.
  • Struggle for Equality: What Women Want. The paper should be about the grounds of females’ desire to reach equality, drivers allowing the movement to develop, and reasons why the equality should be eventually achieved.
  • Feminism and Labor Market. Gender-based favoritism of men and the implications of the preferential attitude should be the focal point of such an essay.
  • Gender, Race, and Culture as the Roots of Discrimination. You should address the role of each factor in inequality existing in modern world and repercussions of ignoring the issue.
  • Global Empowerment of Females. It should be a research paper about the means and ways of empowering women that are applied around the world.
  • A Concept of Gender Performativity. The essay should consider the phenomenon of performativity and its role in interpreting gender-related dynamics in a society. The views of various scholars, for instance, Butler Judith, should be reviewed.
  • Modern LGBTQI+ Community. It might be a simple expository essay about the LGBTQI+ community, its history, struggle for equality, and reasons why it has not been accepted by the majority yet.
  • Gender and Capitalism. The paper should concern the usage of female images, as well as gender issues in general, for the commercial purposes and promoting capitalistic outlook.
  • The History of Gender Inequality. Using the main concepts of feminism, you will have to tell the history of inequality and never-ending war against it. The implications of inequality for society should be addressed.
  • Gender and Education. The essay should focus on the way the gendered trends of the society are transferred to the academic setting.
  • Gender and Politics. The paper should be a list of suggestions how to increase the number of females on the global political arena.
  • Male Superiority. You should pay attention to the social roles imposed on the representatives of two sexes by the society.
  • The Treat of Female Sexuality. The paper might be devoted to the reaction of men on females embracing their sexuality and accepting their bodies.
  • Sexualization and Objectification in Media. The paper must explain why female sexuality, as opposed to other characteristics, is always in the spotlight of media. The examples from movies, television, and advertising might be analyzed.
  • Vitality of Gender. You should focus on the role of gender in the contemporary society and the way it influences the identity of each individual.
  • Misogyny Explained. The history, causes, and repercussions of the internalized hatred for females are supposed to be discussed in the paper on this topic.

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