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How to Write a TOK Essay: Writing Tips from Professional Writers

Since TOK essays are so special, you should be definitely aware how to write a TOK essay if you want to succeed in academic writing. TOK essay topics are special and TOK essay structure is special, so you need to be aware of all their features. When you get TOK essay requirements, you need to be sure that you will have to deal with a specific scientific paper rather than an ordinary academic essay. Therefore, be prepared that the task of writing a TOK essay will not be easy. Make sure that you devote yourself sufficient time for the paper preparation, literature review, pre-writing stage, and the overall writing stage. Only with ample diligence and hard work will you be able to provide an outstanding piece of writing.

Our company’s professionals have devised a specific guide on how to write a TOK essay to help you manage this writing type successfully. If you carefully study the TOK essay guidelines provided below, you will definitely succeed in writing.

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TOK Essay Format: What Is Important to Consider

One of the reasons why it is hard and challenging to write a TOK essay is the complicated TOK essay format. It is important to stock to a specific mode of TOK essay organization. First, if you wonder how to write a good TOK essay, you need to formulate a good essay topic. It should reflect the areas you plan to cover in the essay. Make sure the topic is appealing – it needs to hook readers’ attention and make them maintain interest on the whole paper till its very last sentence. Second, you need to make sure you are interested in the topic. Only if you are passionate about what you write, you will be able to succeed in writing. However, apart from choosing a topic that is interesting merely for you, it is important to take into consideration the interests and preferences of your target audience.

Is There a TOK Essay Word Limit?

No, there is no specific word limit in TOK essays. The most important thing is to discuss the topic from A to Z and include all the important arguments, discussions, and conclusions. If you are writing a TOK essay as a separate assignment and if the topic has been chosen on your own, you are free to decide on the word count limit unless it properly discusses the information. However, if you have been assigned a TOK essay at university or college, you should definitely clarify the TOK essay word count from your professor or academic supervisor.

A Step-by-Step Instruction on How to Structure a TOK Essay

As soon as you move closer to the writing process, you will find out that the process of TOK essay writing is time-consuming and tiresome. Particularly, if you have no idea how to write a TOK essay, the process will be really challenging. Therefore, it is essential to investigate the TOK essay structure, format, organization, and style. Check out the following guidelines on how to obtain proper TOK essay structure.

  1. When you explore the TOK essay structure, you will find out that it resembles that of the other academic papers. Still, there are some important elements that you need to consider. Check out the following strategies on how to write a TOK essay that meets all paper requirements.
  2. Start with an introductory paragraph, where you provide background information as well as explain the topic and the scope of research in particular.
  3. Develop the main paper argument. Make sure it is strongly and clearly formulated. Having developed an argument, please remember to add sufficient supporting evidence and add some justification.
  4. Make sure you provide a counter-argument alongside with your main argument. Here you need to provide justification, too.
  5. Provide a conclusive paragraph, where you sum up the whole paper carefully.

The introductory paragraph of the TOK essay has the same aim as an introduction of the other papers. The introduction should serve the purpose of attention-hook and maintain readers’ attention and focus throughout the whole paper. Moreover, it should focus on the topic explanation and discussion of the topic within a broader subject realm. To put it simply, an introductory paragraph is the very first contact that your readers get with your paper. Therefore, it is important to pinpoint to what you cover in the paper, what you write about, what you explore, what you aim to prove, etc. Sometimes, you should even state your opinion on the problem in the introductory paragraph as well. To hook the audience’s attention, it is recommended to start the paragraph with some surprising fact, some controversial idea, etc.

The main body of the TOK essay is, however, different from the rest of academic papers. The structure, as a result, differs as well. The main task is not merely to provide your opinions, viewpoints, and ideas but also to make the paper argumentative by providing arguments and counter-arguments. Moreover, all arguments provided should be also adequately supported and justified. By separately discussing arguments and counter-arguments and including them in separate paragraphs, you will maintain proper paper format. To ensure smooth flow of writing, you will need to use transitions between ideas and paragraphs. Moreover, when elaborating on the ideas discussed in the body paragraphs, keep in mind your target audience and adjust the content according to their interest.

The conclusion of the TOK essay aims to concisely summarize all the key findings you have included in the paper. Therefore, in case of a TOK essay, the conclusion does not differ from the rest of academic papers. After you have composed a conclusion, the writing process is over.

After conclusion, proceed to the post-writing stage, namely the process of revision, editing, and proofreading. Make sure you check your paper for the possible content, grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes, as well as typos.

TOK Essay Titles 2019

  1. Do you agree that poverty belongs to some of the social constructs? Discuss this statement and provide proof based on research findings.
  2. Do you agree that there is a connection between violence and the increasing trend of playing computer games? Do you agree that this fact has sociological and psychological background?
  3. Do you agree that corporal punishment can be considered ethical depending on the situation.
  4. Provide an evaluation of the ethical dilemma on euthanasia within the scope of medicine and adjacent areas.
  5. Do you believe that there are specific ways that enable one to get to know other people in a better way?
  6. Do you agree that humans are creatures that are seeking for habits? Discuss the topic by using psychological and sociological concepts.
  7. Do you believe in the statistical proof that racial background is decisive for the intelligence and the overall level of IQ? Gather sufficient supporting evidence.
  8. Investigate the concepts of affection and love based on the theory of free will.
  9. Do you believe that people could free themselves from the information overload and plagiarized content? Investigate how the creative processes have changed.
  10. Your opinion on intuition. Is it decisive for the processes of decision-making and the way of conduct?
  11. Are there any proofs that people can rely on their sixth sense? In what areas of knowledge can they be manifested?
  12. Do you believe that the society and governmental organizations should legalize abortions?
  13. Do you believe that you can and derive some knowledge and insights from others’ experience or is it crucial to have your own experience to be able to learn from it?
  14. What role do the morals and morality play in the process of decision-making?
  15. Does the knowledge you obtain impact the general understanding of various issues? Provide specific reasons and examples from your own experience.
  16. The role of nutrition in preventing cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and other types of serious illnesses.
  17. Do you believe there are only two methods of acquiring knowledge – active experimentation and passive observation? Provide examples.
  18. Where can you find more supporting evidence: in the Big Bang theory or the theory of evolution?
  19. Is pre-marital sex unethical? Provide solid reasons to support your argument.
  20. Do people value more the knowledge that was obtained with difficulty?
  21. Do you agree that people are more motivated to learn new things when they spend money in the process of knowledge acquisition?
  22. What role does the shared knowledge have in molding personal knowledge?
  23. Please pinpoint to the relation between understanding and theoretical knowledge.
  24. How are money and happiness connected. Do you believe that a person can be happy without money? On the contrary, do you agree that very rich people can also feel unhappy? Provide examples and illustrations or share examples from your personal experience.
  25. How far do you agree that obesity and other eating disorders are psychological problems?
  26. Discuss the short-term and long-term effect of artificial intelligence on people.
  27. Are there any people responsible for the well-being of the less fortunate?
  28. Do you agree that animal testing should be totally eradicated? What advantages and disadvantages will it bring? It is possible to do without animal testing? What other consequences are possible?
  29. How do violent TV shows, films, and computer games negatively impact on children’s psyche?
  30. Do you believe that suicide is considered an immoral act? Do you agree that people should be taken for mental treatment if they have at least once attempted to commit a suicide?
  31. Do you believe that aggression and violence are inherent in human nature? Is it really a basic instinct?
  32. What are the outcomes of children regularly playing computer games?
  33. Do you believe that arranged marriages are better and stronger? Which evidence can you provide?
  34. Discuss and analyze the issue of cloning within the realm of ethicality and morality. What impacts may it have on the society?
  35. Do you believe that sex offenders and murderers can be rehabilitated? What treatment or therapy could be possible for them?

If you follow the tips and strategies provided above, you will definitely ease the process of TOK essay writing. Moreover, with the help of the TOK essay guide provided by our expert writers, you will be able to boost your academic performance.

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